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zhanna.zabanova.84@mail.ru = Scam

Hi my new fried!!!
My name is Zhanna. I had never got dating on the Internet
I recently learned that you can find a lot of friends over the Internet.
So I decided to try to find his destiny as it did for many women in the
As I said my name is Zhanna, I live in Russia in the city of Samara.
I am very shy girl, and if I have loved you, you ask me questions, I always
answer you.
I love to play sports, forced to go to the gym every day. Sometimes I visit
the pool.
Negative attitude to cigarettes and alcohol. But sometimes I can not afford
to relax in the company of friends.
I live alone for a long time. And I hope that we’ll soon get acquainted and
to become more.
I also enclose you my foto, I hope that she’ll love.
I look forward to wait for your response to my postmail:
Be sure to write your name so I can properly refer to you, if you want I’ll
call you as your friends.
I look forward to your reply every day and I will answer you.
Your new friend Zhanna.