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Wormery. From Waste to Taste

I’m planning on starting a small kitchen garden in our backyard next Spring, so decided I would start a wormery this Autumn, so that come Spring I’ll have a good supply of plant food.
The WormCity wormery I’d ordered arrived this morning, and I got straight on with setting it up. It was very straight forward. I soaked the coir block in warm water until is became almost like a wet powder, a sludge, and then lined a tray with it.
Then I added the worms, and some worm food, and them covered with damp newspaper.
The wormery is now assembled, and in place, so now all I have to do is wait for a couple of weeks before I can start adding kitchen vegetable waste to it which will then get converted in to compost for later use.
It will be good seeing the waste recycled back into food, and not just being thrown into the rubbish bin.

Roll on the middle of next year, when hopefully we’ll be eating our own homegrown foods.
By Richard Randall