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Wickes, exchanging money for torture

There are many big jobs to do in the renovation of our house in Easington Colliery, most of which we are getting professionals in to do, but that does not mean that there are not a million small jobs to do.
There is a small amount of repointing needed on the front exterior of the house and it also needs waterproofing, and the plaster work inside the house needs a coat of PVA.
Then there are a few holes that need filling, and various other bits and bobs that need doing.
For all of these small jobs I needed a few supplies, so I headed to the Wickes store in Stockton On Tees (PORTRACK LANE, STOCKTON ON TEES, CLEVELAND, TS18 2RB).
Wickes D.I.Y. supples
I had never visited that branch of Wickes before, so I was forever asking the staff where to find the items I needed. Luckily the staff were professional and very helpful and I soon found all of the stuff I needed.
I came away with the instruments of my torture, but at least shopping for them was not torture, well, not until I had to pay for them.
There is nowt I find more painful than parting with money. 😉