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WD My Book Studio 4TB USB 3.0 Desktop Storage

I now have a new iMac.
I decided I needed a large capacity external hard-drive to store all of my media files, so that I can keep the iMac’s hard-drive free for Apps/software.
So far, I’ve added 36,000+ jpg’s, 7,000+ mp3’s, and about 1,500 mp4’s.
These files have only made a small dent in the 4TB’s of storage, about a 600 GB dent.
The WD My Book Studio 4TB USB 3.0 Desktop Storage, worked straight out of the box. It was Plug & Play. Simple. It should provide at least a couple of years of storage for all of the photos I shoot, and videos I make. By then I’m sure there will be 50 TB’s external hard-drives on the market for the same price, and not much bigger in size.
I decided on a WD My Book Studio 4TB, because I already own two WD 1TB portable hard-drives, and I’ve never had any trouble with either of them. One of them, I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand which then spent 18 months travelling the World with me, and suffering many different climatic conditions, survived without any issues – so I am confident that this one will last for many years, as it is only going to live on my desk and not be globetrotting.
WD My Book Studio 4TB USB 3.0 Desktop Storage

Blog post by Richard Randall

Western Digital 500Gb portable hard drive

I'm in a major need of backing up all of the photos on my MacBook. With that in mind I purchased Western Digital 500Gb portable hard drive. A 500gb portable hard drive should keep me going for a while. The price of hard drive was o.k. for a shop purchase at £45 and the only point of note was the fact that I had to reformat it for Mac. A simple task but one to be aware of when plugging it in for the first time.