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Water, Water Meter

The guy from Northumbrian Water (our water supplier) arrived this morning to install a water meter in our house in Easington Colliery. I had an idea that this would be a time consuming exercise, but it took all of 5 minutes. The meter was installed on the stopcock by the back gate. It was almost an anticlimax, it was over so quick.
Ironically, or maybe just by fate, a Water saving kit also arrived in the post from Northumbrian Water at about the same time as the guy fitting our new meter. It contains lots of ‘bits and bobs’ to reduce water usage and wastage.
I’ve alway thought it odd, that in the U.K. older properties often do not have water meters, and pay a flat feee each year.
When we lived in Central London, many many years ago this was a very high fee, and I’m sure it’s even higher now. To add insult to injury Thames Water even wanted to charge an exorbitant fee to install a water meter in our property.
Imagine paying a flat fee for your usage of gas and electricity. We would all have every single one of our lights on all of the time, and the gas central heating would be on pull blast too, whatever the weather.