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How to Win Twitter Competitions and Sweepstakes

Since just before Christmas I’ve been taking part in competitions on Twitter.
At first I was a little sceptical because most of the accounts running competitions and sweepstakes seemed to be spammy, and obviously mainly interested in getting new followers. And while this is true for a lot of competitions and sweepstakes that are run on Twitter, there are also a great deal of genuine competitions and sweepstakes, many of which have a low numbers of entrants, so your chances of winning are high.

The best part about Twitter Competitions is the simple fact that they are very quick to enter. It is often just a matter of following and re-tweeting a competition post. It only takes a second or two to enter each competition.

The best way to find competitions on Twitter is to use the ‘advance search’ option.
For U.K. compers the hashtags #Competition #Win #Giveaway will get you good results.
For U.S. compers a good starting point would be #Sweepstakes. There are various other hash-tags, just look at the ones used in the competitions tweeted on Twitter.

U.K. residents can follow me on Twitter @aude11360 to get access to my daily competition stream, which is usually about 50-70 competitions.

Good Luck and Happy Comping!

A few of my most recent wins from Twitter Competitions.

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