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Samsung LED Television

It’s a vision. A television.

After only a couple of days in our new house, we couldn’t resist any longer.
We purchased a television.

An hour or so of searching online at Amazon, reading reviews etc. and I’d made my choice.
I ordered a Samsung LED 46″ TV. 🙂

Our new television arrived the following day, just before lunch.
I signed for the delivery, and wasted no time unpacking the new purchase.
The set-up was super-quick, it took about 5 minutes, and we were ready to veg-out in front of the TV.
We may be living in a bit of a building site, with no proper furniture, but that doesn’t mean we would sacrifice missing our favourite TV programmes. 😮
We were instantly impressed with the picture and sound quality of our new Samsung LED 46″ TV.
It was such a pleasant viewing experience that we found it difficult to drag ourselves away from the television to get on with some much needed DIY.
Now we are eager to complete the house so that our lovely new Samsung LED TV can be moved to its new home on a permanent unit, and not be living as it is now on the floor.

Samsung Television