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StrayAid, County Durham. A donation

Christmas is coming, the Lurcher is getting fat, please put a penny in StrayAid’s hat.

Over the year we’ve been collecting bits and bobs that have come our way. Now it is time for us to donate them to the StrayAid charity shop in Easington Colliery.
The gorgeous Lurcher in the photo below is our boy Barley, who we adopted via StrayAid, posing with just a few of the items we’ve collected.
There are lots of brand new, and unused items, which I’m sure will make great Christmas gifts. Good for StrayAid, and good for the local community.
Brand New (unused) items:
Equine Products UK Garlic Granules for Horses 1KG (RRP £5)
Equine Products UK Garlic Granules for Horses 2.5kg (RRP £11)
Rowen Barbary Carrot Mash (Horse Feed – RRP £4.99)
Orchard Toys Jigsaw Puzzles (Age 4+) x 3 (RRP £7.50 each)
The Hunger Games metal pin badge
Hemp Purse (RRP £10)
Samsung Phone Case (£10)
Beanies Yogart Starter Bundle (£25)
Mens Wallet (£5)
Cupcakes DVD (£10)
White Women by Chromeo on Vinyl (£25)
Coleman Weekend 4 Tent (£60)
QUECHUA QuickHiker Ultralight III Hiking Tent, Grey (£200). Only pitched once (tent was up for about 30 minutes) for us to take photos for a product review.
Fimo kids Robot Form and Play Set (£10)
5 pack of Millamia Naturally Soft Merino Wool (£25).

Used (opened):
The Borgias Final Season on DVD
Low Winter Sun Series One on DVD
Devoured on DVD
The Moaning of Life – Karl Pilkington DVD
RoboCop Trilogy on DVD
Julio Iglesias – CD
The Battery on DVD
Debug on DVD
Lilting on DVD

Older Items.
Also being donated are lots of other older bits and bobs of ours, that we hope will help the StrayAid Shop a little bit as they continue the wonderful work they do raising funds for the StrayAid rescue centre who care for stray dogs and cats in County Durham.