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Lurcher – 1st Anniversary

We have now had Barley, our rescue Lurcher, for one year.
It seems like only yesterday that we drove up to StrayAid (Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EJ) looking for a rescue hound to adopt.

We came away with a Lurcher, a breed that had never been on our radar.
In fact, we had thought a Lurcher was a very hairy hound, like a smaller version of a deerhound, or an Irish Wolfhound. That changed when we met Barley.

If like us before we met Barley, you aren’t in the know about what a Lurcher is, it’s a Greyhound crossed with a myriad of other breeds.
The breeds may include Border Collie, Saluki, Deerhound, and any of the Bull breeds such as Pitt Bull, Bull Terrier etc. etc. No two Lurchers look the same.
Lurcher onlineIt has been a good year for the three of us.
Barley settled in almost immediately, and now it feels as though he has always been our dog.
Given that he was a stray, who from his initial behaviour when we first brought him home, we don’t think he’d lived in a house, he took to home living, and even staying in hotels surprising well.
LurcherWe may be biased, but Barley is a truly great dog. He has a really lovely nature, crazy character, and he makes us laugh every day.
Having never previously thought about having a Lurcher, we would definitely choose to have another one, and if we had the space we’d love to have lots of Lurchers.
If you are considering adopting a rescue dog we highly recommend getting a Lurcher, it’ll change your life for the better.