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Red Letter Days – A Rip-Off

A little while ago I won a £100 Red Letter Days Gift Card. Living in North East England meant there was not a great deal of activities in this region, so I decided to spend the Red Letter Days Gift Card on a bottle of Champagne and a bottle of Single Malt Whisky. No indication was given of the brands ,but given each bottle cost £50, I did have rather high hopes.
The drinks arrived yesterday and my hopes where shattered. The Champagne was bottle of Louis Dornier NV. After a quick Google search I found it for sale for £16 online. I also found the The Great Glen Malt Whisky online for £20. If I chuck on £10 for postage and packing that leaves a £54 blackhole.
This means the little boxes and sticky labels on the bottles cost a whopping £52. My guess is they cost about £3 in total if I was being generous.
Red Letter Days proves to be a complete rip-off