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Easington Lamb Curry

Winter is on the way, so it is time to start making very hearty and filling food.
The other day a big packet of spice that I’d ordered arrived in the post, so it is now possible for me to rustle up some interesting, and spicy food.
Today I decided to make a Lamb Curry.

Here’s what I did.
Step One: Create a spice paste.
I used a ‘secret blend’ of spices which included Black Cardamon Pods, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, and a few other spices.
To the ground spice powder I added olive oil, and coconut oil.
Then I placed the paste on a Bain Marie (bowl over a saucepan on a low heat) to gently warm the oils, and help release the spice oils.
Spice Mix

Step Two: Dice lamb and introduce the meat to the spice paste.
Mix the spice paste thoroughly with the lamb, and then place it in a sealed container or airtight bag and place in a fridge for 24 hours to allow the spice to fully infuse with the lamb.
Lamb Curry
Step Three: The following morning I finely chopped onions and garlic, which I sweated down until soft and golden.
Halfway through browning the onions and garlic I added some fresh finely chopped fresh ginger, and chili pepper.
Next I added chopped mushrooms. Then topped-up the saucepan with water, or you could use vegetable stock.
Next add some tomato puree.
Then to thicken the sauce I added some potatoes, which I diced in to very small pieces. The potatoes will more or less disintegrate and thicken the sauce during cooking. Alternatively you could use a flour ‘roux’.
Sweated Onions

Chili Peppers
Step Four: Brown the spice covered lamb in a frying pan.
Do not overload the frying pan with too much lamb. Instead, cook the meat in small batches and add it to the sauce. Be careful not to burn the spice paste.
Once all of the lamb is cooked and in the saucepan, add a little water to the frying pan to wash out (deglaze) the remaining spice paste and meat juices into the saucepan.

Browning meat
Step Five: Bring the saucepan to a boil, and then simmer for 2 hours.

Lamb Curry
Step Six: Serve with Basmati rice, and homemade Naan bread.
If you do not want to make any vegetable side dishes, you could always add peas to the curry, and sweetcorn plus a teaspoon of turmeric to the rice.
Lamb Curry
N.B. If you are using all fresh (not frozen) ingredients, you can make the lamb curry any volume you want, and then freeze what you do not eat to enjoy it another day.

Disclaimer ~ This is not a specific recipe, which is why I haven’t written any measurements, or quantities of the ingredients I used. I am more of a ‘conceptual cook’, preferring to make food by instinct rather than set rules, and balancing everything I cook by how my palate feels at the time.

This lamb curry was stupendous!

By Richard Randall

Gennaro Contaldo – Linguine with Steamed Meatballs

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Easington Tomato Sauce

I use a lot of tomato sauce in my cooking and it can be a time consuming process to make a tomato sauce has a base for various dishes that I cook. Now that the new kitchen is in place, I decided to batch cook a tomato, mushroom and aubergine sauce. 2.5 litres went into the freezer, in 500ml containers for later use.


By Richard Randall

Easington Ova Spongia (Omelette)

This is a simple dish that I made last night for a light dinner.

  1. I thinly sliced Aubergine, and fried it until fully cooked. I then lined an oven dish with the Aubergine and set it aside.
  2. Next I sauteed finely chopped onion, and garlic until soft and golden.
  3. I then added a teaspoon of curry power to the onions and garlic and continued cooking for a couple of minutes.
  4. Next into the pan with the onions and garlic went chopped mushrooms, and pickled red jalapenos . These I cooked for a further 2 minutes. Then removed from the heat and covered with a lid.
  5. I then whisked up 6 eggs and added them to the same pan, quickly mixing all of the ingredients together.
  6. The mixture was then poured into the aubergine lined dish, and then laced in a preheated oven at 180c for 20 minutes.


The aromas filled the house, as my egg concoction, aka Easington Ova Spongia, cooked. It was, if I do say so myself, pukka. 🙂

By Richard Randall

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Pork Vindaloo – Indian Food Made Easy with Anjum Anand

Anjum heads to London to meet Jonathon Readman, who two years ago married his Goan wife, Lorraine. Jonathon never cooks but every Sunday takes full advantage of his Indian connection by enjoying a Goan feast at mother-in-law Clara’s house. Now it’s payback time, and Jonathon is going to attempt to cook Pork Vindaloo for her and his family himself.