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Hi-Tec Men’s Para Hiking Boot = Fail

I purchased a pair of hiking boots from Go Outdoors a few weeks ago, but unfortunately they leaked water in while walking through damp grass, so I needed another pair.
I walk our dog in the countryside so I need a boot to cope with rain, mud, and snow, and mistakenly thought these Hi-Tec Men’s Para Hiking Boots would be ideal. They are, after all, just a jumped up Wellington boot.

Hi-Tec Men's Para Desert Hiking Boot

The Hi-Tec boots arrived today, I un-boxed them, and immediately placed them in a bowl with a couple of centimetres of water. All seemed well until I tried them on. Water had soaked into the interior fabric, and once I started walking about my kitchen in them they started leaking water both internally and externally.
Luckily for me I purchased the leaky, not so ‘high tech’, Hi-Tec boots from Amazon, which means I can get them collected for free from my house and returned for a full refund.

I’m putting off a ‘third time lucky’ purchase at the moment, so I’m dubbin an old pair of Timberland boots, they did me proud during our recent two year World travels, which involved lots of walking. I’m quietly confident that they will keep my feet dry, well, they can’t be worse than the Hi-Tec Men’s Para Hiking Boot, which are absolutely useless.

By Richard Randall