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Islamic State (Isis) Beheading Hostages – WHY?

The Islamic State (Isis) have been operational for a long time now, but for some reason there seems to have been an ‘almost’ media blackout about them – until they started beheading Westerners.
I wonder if the media blackout was due in part to Western governments viewing the Islamic State (Isis) as more of a civil conflict, and not wanting to get involved because it was funded by Gulf States (and others) and given support and intelligence?
In the West, the media still portray the Islamic State (Isis) as a bunch of terrorists riding round the dessert in pick-up trucks, and killing anything that moves.
The fact is, Isis are well organised, and they control vast tracks of land. They have control of many towns. They raise taxes, sell oil, and maintain infrastructure.

So, back to my first question.
Why start beheading Western prisoners now?
To me it seems counter intuitive.
The Islamic State still need to make major gains and consolidate the ones they already have. By beheading prisoners and posting the videos online, they have the attention of Western media outlets, and by extension, Western Governments and the United Nations, who can no longer turn a blind eye to what has been going on in Iraq and Syria.
This attention means pressure has been put on the major sponsors of the Islamic State (Isis), and these sponsors are now distancing themselves. Some even going so far as to get involved in limited military action against the Islamic State (Isis).
Why would the Islamic State (Isis) want to draw in more enemies to fight? While their actions, and the videos may encourage a small flow of Islamic fighters to join them, it does not bring in armaments or money. In fact in impedes their goals.

The whole issue of the Islamic State (Isis) raises many questions.
When and by whom was it founded?
Who provided the money and weapons to get it started?
What is their end goal?
What is their political structure, and who heads it?
None of these questions have been asked, or answered in the Western media. WHY?