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A few random photos from the past week or so.
A Reindeer at Richardsons Garden Centre (Stockton Rd, Seaham, Co Durham SR7 8RW). You can pet them and feed them (at a cost). I settled for a quick photo on my iPhone.
The first frost of the year. Winter is on the way.
Bottle Tops. Distant memories of a few good beers.
Tombstones in St Hilda’s Church, Hartlepool.
The Andy Capp statue in Hartleepool.
One of the lighthouses in Hartlepool docks.
Recycling. We try to do our bit for the enviroment and at the same wine the European wine industry. ūüėÄ
St Hilda’s Church (Church Close, Hartlepool, County Durham, TS24 0PW, United Kingdom
A tank at the Heugh Gun Battery. We did not venture inside, but snapped through the fence.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Steetley Pier, Hartlepool

Yesterday we drove just down the coast to Hartlepool. After looking round the historic Headland area, we headed a little way North to take some photos of the Steetley Pier which was once part of the Steetley Magnesite Works ( Hartlepool Magnesia Works and Palliser Works ). The Works have now been demolished and all that is now left is the pier which was used to bring sea water to Steetley Magnesite Works.
The light was not very good so I decided to make most of the photos high contrast B&W.
We have seen the pier many times, but only from a distant while walking our dog on Crimdon Beach, but it has always been a bit far to walk to or more importantly, much to far to walk back from.
HarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolHarlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolHarlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolSteetley Pier, HartlepoolSteetley Pier, Hartlepool

Blog post by Richard Randall