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FURminator, Dog DeShedding Tool Review

Barley, our rescue Lurcher, moults – a lot.
Our house is covered in his hair, and poor Mrs.R is forever whizzing round with the vacuum cleaner. It only takes a few seconds after the hairs have been vacuumed away, before they’re back again covering every flat surface.
Mrs.R had heard about a grooming brush that sounded as though it would help with our moulting mutt. The grooming product is called the FURminator, which claims to reduce shedding by up to 90%. We decided to purchase a FURminator deshedding tool to give Barley a thorough combing, to help get rid of his excess hair.
As soon as the FURminator was delivered Mrs.R wasted no time ripping open the package before she got straight to work with gusto.
Whilst reading reviews on the FURminator Mrs.R showed me several photos of various dogs whose owners had used this grooming brush on their pets. Each photo showed a big pile of excess fur, and some had even managed to fill a carrier bag with their furry friends hair.
Barley didn’t seem to mind being thoroughly brushed, he was very chilled during the process, in fact we think he liked it because he laid on the floor and nodded off for a while.
As it was his first time being groomed with the FURminator Mrs.R didn’t prolong the experience, so she didn’t quite fill a carrier bag with fur, but she did get a decent amount of hair off of Barley, hair that would have found its way onto the sofa.

The makers suggest using the FURminator weekly, which is what we’ll do, if Barley is feeling cooperative. Hopefully with further use there will be far fewer hairs all over the house. But even after just one use we are impressed with the FURminator, we’re pleased we purchased it, and recommend it.
It only took a few minutes for Mrs.R to comb a lot of excess hair off of the mutt. After his thorough combing with the FURminator, his coat looked even more shiny than usual, and it felt silky smooth.
Mrs.R said maybe she should knit Barley a jumper using the fur, but then she remembered that she’s not good at knitting.
So Barley was spared the humiliation of a fashion faux-pas. Phew, what a lucky boy. 😉