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Mind the GAP

When we arrived back in England a few months ago we only had one set of clothes each. Slowly I’ve been building up a new wardrobe, and one with Winter in mind. Yesterday I added two pairs of corduroy trousers, and two long sleeve tops. All from Gap in Gateshead (TEAM VALLEY OUTLET, Gap Outlet, UNIT 7A2 GATESHEAD, NE11 0BD). Super cheap, and I’m super happy.
Mrs.R on the other hand has not been so lucky in rebuilding her new wardrobe. She didn’t buy any new clothes. I think she still had fun as she waited for me to try on my new gear, because I could hear her laughing outside the changing room. She said she was amused at how things have changed, by which she meant gone are the days of me buying ‘designer’ clothes.
Yep, I used to wear high end fashion, would happily spend hours shopping in Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada, and Paul Smith etc.
I am still interested in fashion, but my budget is not as healthy as it once was, so now I’m a high street shopper. It’s all made in sweatshops anyway, so whatever! 😉
Mrs.R said although she liked my new clobber, and I looked nice in it, I shouldn’t have gone to Gap. To quote Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, she said I should “Be better than The Gap”. 😉
Gap Clothing
By Richard Randall

Geox U Snake S

New shoes for old feet.
We had not been back in England long when I purchased a pair of Geox U Snake S from the Geox shop in Ashford Designer Outlet shopping centre in Kent.
It being springtime, and us staying in a caravan in Romney meant it was never the right weather or conditions to wear them. It was either wet and muddy, or just muddy.
I first introduced my feet to them in Blackpool, and I’ve now been wearing them for about a week.
The ventilation holes in the sole seem to work, because they still smell fresh, even after my skanky feet have been in them.
They are also super comfy for urban adventures, but they are not suited for sport or rough terrain, which are two reason they suit me. 🙂