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Dog Food Conspiracy – Is your dog a drug addict?

In the ‘Old Days’ we would feed our dogs what ever food was at hand. We would buy any dog food that was available in our local shop, which was usually tinned dog food.
One day we’d feed our furry friend one brand of tinned dog food, and the next day it may be another brand, and the dog food would be intermixed with scraps from the dining table.
Now it seems dogs have become addicted to having to be fed one single brand of dog food only.
To change from one kibble (dried food) to another brand, the advised ‘wisdom’ is that you must introduce it slowly, over a period of a couple of weeks by adding increasing amounts of the new food to your dogs current kibble while decreasing the old food.
The argument is that dogs have delicate stomachs, and to switch randomly from one particular brand to another brand will make them unwell, and possibly cause behavioural problems. Surely if that was the case, dogs would have become extinct the moment they became domesticated.
Barley the Lurcher
I’m guilty of feeding my dog, Barley the Lurcher, kibble, but I make sure he also has a lot of other freshly made food to keep a healthy balance.
The reason I say I’m guilty of feeding Barley kibble is because I’m not sure it’s especially nutritionally valuable for dogs. The packaging doesn’t even tell you what exactly is in the kibble.
In an ideal World I would not feed kibble to Barley, or any dog in our family, but the trouble is, kibble is just so convenient.
Blog post by Richard Randall

Country Value, Complete Dry Dog Food for Greyhounds 15 kg, Review

After reading many good reviews on Amazon U.K. about Country Value, Complete Dry Dog Food for Greyhounds, we decided to give it a try. By we, I mean our dog tried it. 😉
At just over £12 for 15kg, including delivery, it seemed excellent value for money.
Most of the well-known brands of dried dog food are priced at £40-50 for 15kg (excluding delivery) and most of them have very mixed reviews. My bet is that they contain pretty much the same ingredients.
After a month of feeding Country Value Complete Dry Dog Food to our Lurcher, he seems fine. His coat is shiny, and his muscle definition is the same as it was before we tried him on this food.
To make it clear, our dogs diet does not consist solely of dry food. I supplement his diet with fresh meat (cooked), salmon, and a number of other homemade food stuffs, just as I did when we first got him and were feeding him one of the premium expensive brands.

To sum up. Purchase Country Value Complete Dry Dog Food for Greyhounds, and save £30 a month. Spend £15 a month on fresh meat for your dog, and £15 on a bottle of wine for yourself. Win Win! 🙂