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Coffee Time with La Cafetière

We have now been in our new ‘old’ house for a month, and we’ve both been living on instant coffee. Not an ideal way to start the day.
I’ve been putting off buying a ‘proper’ coffee maker, in part because we are going to have an electric cooker and my ideal aluminum stove-top espresso pot does not work on an electric hob, and the cost of a decent expresso machine is out of my budget these days. 🙁
After trawling the internet, and Amazon.co.uk I decided on an insulated cafetière. The best of the bunch seemed to be La Cafetiere Thermique Cafetiere. It was not cheap, but unlike glass it will not break, and I drink a lot of coffee in the morning so the cafetiere being insulated means I can make one pot to last me the morning.

La Cafetiere Thermique Cafetiere, 8 Cup

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