A week in review – Porthcawl, Bristol and a Citroen


Welsh adventures.
By adventures, I mean a short walk to a pub, but it was in Wales, so it surely that must be a Welsh adventure. The pub in question was called the Globe Inn. While there was nothing special about this boozer, we did meet an interesting customer.
The poor chap had clearly had some sort of accident because his arm was bandaged, and he was obviously super keen for the bandage to stay on because he had secured it at the top and bottom with gaffer/duct tape, directly on his skin.
I’m betting removing the tape will be an injury in itself. Ouch!

Porthcawl, Wales


Like pebbles on a beach…….
The sun was out, so what more excuse did we need to visit the beach.
We walked into Porthcawl, and then onto the rocky beach to explore the rock pools etc.
Lots of photos later, we retired to the high street and stopped for a much needed ice cold pint of Strongbow cider in the Rock Inn.

Porthcawl, WalesPorthcawl, WalesPorthcawl, WalesPorthcawl, Wales

We’ve gone off cider later, but today with the temperatures pleasantly high, and feeling particularly thirsty, the Strongbow cider seriously hit the spot, perfectly refreshing.
Then it was a quick visit to Home and Colonial Delicatessen (64, John Street) where we perused all of the delicious looking foods, before purchasing some goats cheese, olives, and bread. As we were queuing to pay we nibbled some of the complimentary bite sized pieces of chicken and sweetcorn pie that were on the counter – very nice indeed.
While in the town centre I also snapped a few photos of the locals as they went about their daily lives. It would have been rude to turn down the chance of an in-depth anthropological photo study of the Welsh.

Porthcawl, WalesPorthcawl, WalesPorthcawl, Wales

Homemade pie nibbling, cheese, olive, and bread buying, followed by some photo taking, we then enjoyed a slow walk back to Newton for a late lunch – leftovers from yesterday.


Another beach day, but this time nowhere exotic like Porthcawl. Instead it was the beach at Newton, only a couple of minutes walk from where we were staying at our friends house. Well, it should have been only a couple of minutes, but Mrs.R was in charge of navigation, so it took a little longer to find the footpath leading to the beach. By took a little longer, I mean after walking back on ourselves several times, we finally saw the sea, about 15 minutes later.
While the beach was fine, the weather was not. It was cloudy and windy (A Welsh Summer), so I only took a couple of photos. I did not even bother getting my camera out. Instead I just shot the pics on my iPhone5.
That was the extent of excitement for the day.


The day started and finished with a visit to the Ancient Briton in Newton, Porthcawl. We started off sitting outside at the front of the pub in the sun. We both had a pint of stout, Brains Black, it was pretty good. We began to feel hungry, so we moved inside the pub to eat. Opting to eat the same for lunch, we both ordered one of the daily specials, a Turkey Thai Green Curry. The pub was quite busy by this time, there were lots of people sitting waiting for food. Eventually our curries arrived, but unfortunately they weren’t worth waiting for. A thought the portion of rice and curry was quite generous, the taste was not good. The turkey was in a sauce that can only be described as ‘interesting’. It was so far removed from a Thai Green Curry that it’s difficult to know exactly what it was. It tasted like a meaty gravy, it was grey in colour, and not pleasant. The rice was bright yellow and mushy. The specials only cost £4.95, which having tasted one of the them, is £4.94 too much. 🙁


Disappointing lunch over, we strolled back to our fiends home, where we spent the rest of the day and evening relaxing, by which I mean don’t absolutely nothing at all. Perfect!


Our last full day in Wales. Our amigo had the entire day off of work, so was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
We didn’t want to get in the way, so we skipped off to the pub, the Jolly Sailor, but the pub decided not to serve us, very possibly because we are English. You may think it was karma because we’d left our friend cooking lunch, but we had helped preparing some of the vegetables, so I’m sure this wasn’t the case. 😉
The rest of the day was a tad strange to say the least, but when in Wales every day is a little strange.
The evening was a little better because we headed to the Globe Inn for a drink, and not only did they not hate the English, they were very friendly. And a big plus was them having decent beer on tap. After a pleasant drink in the pub we had an early night in preparation for the an early start the next day.


Early Monday morning we headed off to Bristol. First it was a bus to Bridgend, a very expensive bus; it costs £3.70 each to travel 5 miles. Then a train to Cardiff, and then another train to Bristol.
From Bristol Temple Meads we walked to our hotel in Clifton. A very long walk, it took us about 3 hours, but helped by stopping of in The Berkley pub for a beer to help us on our way. The pub may be where the majority of the 3 hours were spent. 😉


Going once, going twice…….
We spent the morning at Manheim car auctions. The plan was just to look at the vehicles, and get a feel for the auction.
That plan lasted about 45 minutes. A 2010 Citroen C5 tourer came on the auction floor. It fitted all the criteria. The bidding started at £4000, I started to bid at £4500, and I was successful. Ten minutes later I had paid for the car and the buyers premium. I came away just under £5000 poorer, but with a decent car. 🙂 There was a small problem, because the M.O.T. Certificate was missing so we had to go just up the road to an M.O.T. testing centre to get a new one printed out.


We were car owners!
We headed into the centre of town for a celebratory beer at V Shed. Then it was back to our hotel. We decided to leave our new car at the auctions for the remaining few days of our stay in Bristol. Drinking and driving is never a good idea.
Back at our hotel I spent the next couple of hours searching online for a decent deal on insurance for the car. Finally I found the best deal I could, and so ended our car purchasing day in Bristol.