Outhwaite Rope Gun Dog Lead with Trigger Hook

A few days ago I purchased two Outhwaite Rope Gun Dog Leads from Amazon.
I already own the exact same lead, which I’ve been using every day for about 18 months, it’s super-strong, comfortable to hold, and it is excellent quality.
The two new dog leads arrived quickly, but some fuckwit from Capital Stores, the supplier, had let one of the leads ship to us without the rubber binding to protect the rope weave. In fact, it should have never left the factory.
I could not be bothered with the time and effort it would take to send the incomplete dog lead back to be replaced, so I’ve fixed it with some duck tape.
Duck tap DIY aside, I am happy with my purchase, and am sure the two new dog leads will last a long time.

Blog post by Richard Randall