Random Photos of the Week and a few Thoughts

A few random thoughts, and photos from the past week.
The American government have been spying on the French. The NSA (National Security Agency) have been recording phone calls on a ‘massive’ scale. Apparently more than 70 million French phone calls were recorded in a 30-day period late last year.
I just hope the NSA overheard some good recipe ideas for their staff canteen.
France was also in the news again this week. EDF plan on building two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It will cost £80 billion +++ over the lifespan of the reactors.
China is also involved in financing the project. Yet another fine example of the incompetence of the British government. Putting our energy security in foreign hands, and expecting tax payers and consumers to foot the bill.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have issued a report saying that Drone strikes by the U.S. government are War Crimes. Well go figure, who would have thought dropping bombs on non-combatant women, men, and children was a War Crime. Needless to say this is one crime that will go unpunished.
Energy suppliers in the United Kingdom are ripping off consumers by constantly upping the cost of electricity and gas.
The genius that is Sir John Major, has a solution. Increase the amount of tax the energy companies pay.
What about the consumers who are being overcharged? How does that solution help them?
Well, it seems extra money in government coffers is far more important than protecting consumers. This ‘solution’ of John Majors does not address fuel poverty, in fact it will just make it worse if actioned.
What is needed in a maximum set price companies are allowed to charge, and a far more simplified tariff structure.
Pork Pie
By Richard Randall