A week in review. Geox, Asda, Goji, and a Car Boot Fair


It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn….. But the same old crappy weather. Well, we are staying in a caravan in Kent, so regardless of the month, it’s England, the weather would be dire. I bet if you built a caravan park in the middle of the Sahara Desert it would rain nonstop.
Maybe I’ve figured out how to cure the drought problems in Africa? Build caravan parks in the areas where you need more rain.
Back in Kent and the real World, it was off to Ashford Designer Outlet (Kimberley Way, Ashford. Tel:01233 895900) to look for a couple of iPad and iPhone cases, and whatever else we happen to see. The iPhone and iPad cases eluded us, but I did get a pair of Geox shoes, so it was not a completely wasted trip.
Just like normal Mrs.R came away completely empty handed.
After we’d finished shopping at the designer outlet we popped next door to the Asda Superstore to pick up a few bits and bobs. It was an odd place. A good few of the customers looked very unhealthy, with bad complexions. There were also a few sporting a lot of gold jewellery, and they definitely were not L.A. rappers. Ashford may only be few miles from London but wandering round in Asda it felt like being in a different country. I wonder what it is like in the local Lidl or Aldi?


Hermit day. We stayed in the caravan and ate roast lamb. Nuff said!


We headed into London on family business, but also made a brief side-trip to PC World where we picked up two very nice goji cases for our iPads, for the bargain price of £10 each. I also purchased a Western Digital 500gb hard-drive to back up the hard-drive on the MacBook. Unfortunately they didn’t have any decent iPhone5 cases, so the hunt continues.
Goji iPad Case
There was good news in the morning post, my replacement photo driving licence had arrived, so we visited the Avis car hire office on the Purley Way, where I was added to the car rental, to give Laura a break from driving, or as she said – a break from not drinking beer. 😉

White Horse


Bright and early we headed to the Ashford Car Boot Fair. We weren’t looking for anything specifically, although we wanted to get a couple of cheap iPhone5 cases to last us, and protect our phones from being damaged, at least until we can find decent phone cases (probably via online shopping), for which we will need a permanent postal address for delivery. Thankfully we both found an iphone5 case we liked. Unusually for me, as I like rbight colours, I chose a plain black flip-case, Laura opted for a bright pink one, which matches her pink iPad case.
I also picked up a new cigarette rolling-machine, plus several packs of papers, and to celebrate I had a full English breakfast in the onsite cafe. Laura wasn’t hungry so she sat people-watching while I scoffed my fry-up. 🙂
Full English breakfastAshford MarketIPhone5
It was an interesting experience at the market. Maybe it was because we’ve been away from England for so long on our travels, but there seemed to be a lot of ‘unique people’. Weather-wise it was a cool morning, but there were lots of people wearing shorts and t-shirts. Maybe the flesh exposing clothes were chosen to show off their numerous tattoos?
Luckily I was not intimidated by the inked-army because I was with a badass tattooed lady. Well, I was with Mrs.R, and she’s inked. By inked I mean she’s got a spiritual symbol tattooed on a very visible part of her body. 😉 By which I mean, she has a small Om tattoo on her hand, but not sure if that is badass enough. 😮
Back ‘home’ I rustled up some flatbreads to have with our lunch. It was first bread-making in nearly two years. The flatbreads came our good, the generous slathering of butter perfected them. Delicious!


Having spent most of our time doing nothing but relaxing, interspersed with sleeping, and eating we thought it was time we did something touristy, so we headed to Rye Harbour, Rye, and last but not least the Chapel Down Vineyard.
It was a cloudy day but dry until we reached Chapel Down.
Walking round Rye Harbour was surprisingly pleasant considering the dull cold day. We both took quite a few photos, and I even shot a little bit of video. The harbour and surrounding area would obviously have looked nicer had it been bathed in sunshine, but even in the gloom there were interesting textures, shapes, and colours.
There were lots of seagulls, and various other birds busily going about their lives, a few old couples walking hand-in-hand, and sludge, there was lots and lots of sludge. Thankfully there was also quite a lot of clean long grass on which we scraped and wiped our filthy boots before returning to the car. I don’t think Avis would appreciate us returning the hire car to them having used the footwell carpet as a doormat, and I definitely wouldn’t be impressed by the extra cleaning charge. 😮


Yet another day of tourism for us. We headed to Lydd for a look round the village, which mainly consisted of us spending ages in the churchyard photographing the graves, grounds, and exterior of the church, and popping in to the very friendly newsagent to purchase a Euro million lucky dip lottery ticket. After which we headed down to Lydd-on-Sea for a beer at the Pilot Inn. Well, a beer for Mrs.R, and a soft drink for me. I came very close to wetting my whistle with a pint of real ale, but unfortunately not close enough. I parked in the pub car park in front of the pub. As soon as we entered the pub the barmaid greeted us with a smile and asked what we’d like. As we scanned the pumps to see what was on offer, my lovely wife turned to me and said she’d drive if I wanted a beer. Not surprisingly I said, yes! to which my lovely wife said, ‘oh, I don’t really want to drive I was just offering to be thoughtful, as I thought you’d say no.’ The barmaid laughed and said to Mrs.R, I didn’t think that was a genuine offer. I was crushed. That may be a slight exaggeration, but I’d been looking forward to a nice pint, not a glass of something soft. Anyway, I ordered a coke, which at least was a proper glass of Coco-Cola from a can, and not watered down crap from a siphon, or worse still Pepsi. Mrs.R chose a pint of Adnams, which she said was really good, repeatedly. Mrs.R seemed to find it amusing that she was on the beer, and I was on the wagon. I must admit that, thankfully, traumatic pub visits like this happen very rarely. 🙂
A nice pint of beer may have eluded me on this occasion but I still enjoyed our brief stop at this pub. After we’d finished our drinks, and just as dozens of pensioners arrived for their fish ‘n chip lunch, we left and went for a walk down across the pebbles beach which was directly outside the pub. We strolled right down to the sea, or at least I did, Mrs.R stopped about halfway down saying she wanted to stop and admire the view, take a photo, and enjoy the sea air. She also said it was bloody cold, and she didn’t want to walk down to the sea as walking back up involved a lot of hard work across millions of pebbles. Fair enough! I was happy to paddle in the sea by myself. Ha! Not really, it was bloody freezing, and windy, so we were both keen to get back in the car.
We returned to the caravan, and that was about it for the day, and night.