Chateau Malescasse 2009, Cru Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc

This wine is a ‘blast from the past for me. Many many years ago when Mrs. R and I first started going out with each other, we used to have dinner a couple of nights a week at a bistro called Grumbles in Pimlico, London and Chateau Malescasse was our ‘go to’ wine’.
It was a very pleasant surprise when I spotted it in Lild the other day for just over £10 a bottle. It was not a bad tipple. Everything you would expect from Medoc in this price range. Most importantly it brought back fond memories.

Château Malescasse – 6, route Moulin Rose – 33460 LAMARQUE
Tél. 05 56 58 90 09 – Fax. 05 56 58 97 89