Easington Breakfast

This is a classic Easington breakfast, or it soon will be, at least in our house.

Step one: Poach some aubergine, and chopped fresh ginger, in cider until soft and cooked.
Step two: Place the cooked aubergine, and some raw mushrooms on the base of a grilling tray. Put the wire grilling rack on top, lay rashers of bacon, and fresh tomatoes on it. 
Put the grill tray under a medium grill until the bacon and tomatoes are cooked.

Step three: Once cooked, remove the bacon and tomatoes, and replace the tray with the aubergine and mushrooms back under the grill and turn up high.
Step four: Add water to the cider and ginger residue. Bring to a boil and poach eggs in it.
Step Five: Serve. Bon Appetite!
By Richard Randall