Recycling Rubble into Beer

Over the last few weeks we have been filling up the backyard with general rubbish, rubble, carpets, lino, kitchen units, and various other things as we’ve steadily sorted out the house. The idea was to pay Durham Council to take away all of the rubbish, but I changed my mind once I looked at the cost. It costs £25 per six items/black bags.
I worked out it would have cost about £200 to clear the backyard.
That’s a hell of a lot of beer money.

So, after a great deal of thought (about 2 seconds) I decided to support the British Real Ale industry instead of Durham County Council. The council already takes £1,500 a year from me, so I thought why not make use of their ‘free’ recycling centres. After all, I’m paying for them.
It took 3 full loads in our estate car to clear the yard of the assorted rubbish we’ve amassed during the house renovations.
It was good exercise for me, putting the rubbish in to heavy duty rubble sacks, loading the car, and then driving 5 minutes up the road to the recycling centre, where I unloaded everything.
A job well done, and money saved. I will recover with £200 worth of, much deserved, real ale. Cheers Durham Council! 🙂