Carpet and Vinyl Flooring in da House, True that!

After 5 weeks of being in our new house in Easington Colliery, we now have new carpet, and vinyl flooring laid. We had ordered it a few weeks previously from Global Flooring (Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 3LA) but first we needed to have the house rewired.
As often happens with house renovation, one thing lead to another so we ended up living with the bare concrete on the ground floor, and on the first floor the house was not looking good and neither were the floor boards which were in very poor condition. They were badly laid, and very creaky.

The carpet fitters arrived just before 9am, on a very wet and windy day.
At first there were 2 of them, then 4, and finally 6. The house was a hive of activity. They were like a whirling dervish, seriously cracking on with their work.
Just two hours later the carpet and vinyl flooring was down, and the fitters headed off to their next job.

Laura then went round the house with a stiff broom and swept up all of the little bits of carpet that had been created when the carpet fitters had cut it to size. We also had some good sized off-cuts of carpet and underlay left over. It’ll be a perfect fit for the cupboard in our bedroom, and also to line the boot of our car with. Random, but we’re planning ahead for a dog. 🙂

We were so used to walking on the concrete floor and wooden floorboards, always with our shoes on, that when the carpet and vinyl flooring was finally laid, it felt very weird walking round a carpeted house. The carpet and underlay are so thick it is like walking on air. Best of all was being able to walk round the house without shoes. Very convenient in the middle of the night, when nature calls. 😮


We have never been fans of carpet, and we’ve never bought it before. In our previous homes we’ve stripped floorboards and varnished them (our London home) or had ceramic floor tiles (South of France home), but as we’re now living in the cold North of England carpet seemed the obvious choice. It’s only been a couple of days but I think we’re now carpet converts. The 12mm underlay and super-thick soft carpet have definitely changed our opinion. 🙂 We love it!


By Richard Randall