Flat Bread, Homemade and Healthy

“Let them eat cake!” Good advice from Marie Antoinette, but only if you have a sweet tooth. For lunch I did not have a sweet tooth, so I decided to make some flat breads.
Flat bread was the only option because at the moment I do not have an oven. In fact I do not really have a kitchen to speak of.
I added flour to a bowl, then in went a pinch of salt, a dash of Chinese 5 Spice, a splash of olive oil, and a dollop of honey.
Then I added water and mixed by hand until it was a good dough texture.
I then tipped the dough out onto a board and kneaded it for a while (until I got bored).
I then set the dough aside in a warm place for an hour.
Dough and I both rested, it was time to start cooking.
I used my new Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Adjustable Rolling Pin to roll a small ball of dough – flat.
This seemed a bit of an injustice to the rolling pin, given that it’s got clever gauges so you can get certain depths of pastry. Proper baking will have to wait until I have an oven.
Dough rolled flat, in to a dry frying pan it went, for a couple of minutes on each side.
Job done.
Fresh bread, even a simple flat bread is a million times better than the rubbish you buy at the supermarket.

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