Triton Aspirante Brushed Steel Electric Shower

The old Triton shower that was in the house when we purchased it, has now been replaced with a shiny new Triton Electric Shower. We are both looking forward to a proper hot shower tonight, which will be the first one in our new home. It will really good to thoroughly wash off all of the builders dust.
We haven’t been complete soap-dodgers since we took possession of the house, we’ve been having showers poor-man style – with a jug in the bath.
As good company as they are we can’t wait for the electricians to finish work for the day, and leave us so that we can get naked and clean. We would strip off now, but we don’t want to put them off of their food. 😮 Roll on tonight.
Triton Shower
Triton Showers
Shepperton Park
Triton Road
CV11 4NR
Tel: (024) 7634 4441

I ordered the shower from because it was the best price I could find online. Delivery was very speedy.