Growing Pains – An Allotment Tale

Work is slowly progressing on my bit of the allotment I share.
I now have climbing beans and courgettes planted. It is a bit late in the season for them, but worth a try. The climbing beans and courgettes in our back yard are already cropping.
I’ve had a few casualties on my plants, from rabbits and bugs. Rabbits have had a few young cabbage plants, and bugs have feasted on a few of the other plants.
I’m trying out a few things to cure these problems. I scatter ash, and also have a breathable bag of both dog and human hair, which is supposed to deter rabbits.
To deter the bugs I’m spraying the plants with a mix of salt, chilli peppers, and washing-up liquid. I will also be making a Neem Oil spray. It is all trail and error at the moment, but fingers crossed I will get the right remedy, and the plants will continue to grow and produce lovely vegetables.

Blog post by Richard Randall