A week in review – Croydon, food and beer


London Calling.
Well, it was Croydon Calling because we travelled up from the Kent coast to visit my parents and take them out for lunch.

Chinese Food

I decided to try the Tai Tung restaurant (Tai Tung,
Unit 1 & 1A Wing Yip Centre, 544 Purley Way, Croydon Tel:020 8688 3668) at the Wing Yip centre on the Purley Way in Croydon.

Chinese Food

When we arrived it was busy with diners but we managed to get a table, and one with wheelchair access for my father which was good. The food was o.k.

Chinese Food

My parents started with chicken and sweetcorn soup, which they said was very nice.
Mrs. R and I had hot and sour soup, which was full of prawns, pork, tofu, chillies, and pretty much everything else you can think of, the flavour was seriously good.

Shredded Duck

After our soup we had crispy duck, pancakes, cucumber, spring onions, and hoi sin sauce. Very tasty.
Next came various dishes which covered our table, including sweet and sour chicken, crispy pork, mixed vegetables, and egg fried rice.

Hot and Sour soup

My parents enjoyed all of their lunch. My mother even asked for a doggy bag for the leftovers – we’d ordered too much food. 😮


Mrs.R and I thoroughly enjoyed our soup, and the crispy duck pancakes, but the rest of the meal was not particularly good.
Tai Tung is not a restaurant I would bother revisiting again. We’d ordered a couple of the set menu meals, the total bill was just over £80, which I thought was very poor value for money considering the low quality of the food.
After a lacklustre meal I headed into the Wing Yip supermarket to purchase a few items:

Buna Shimeji Mushrooms

A Chinese Chopper


If I can’t get a decent Chinese/Asian meal, I can at least make one myself for time to time.


It was yet another caravan day. We needed rest to recover from yesterday.
Driving up to London and back may not sound too tiring, but it always leaves us both completely knackered.
We spent the day cooking, eating, messing about online, and watching T.V. 🙂


Battle of Hastings.
No swords and shields, just a GPS in our Citroen C5 that wanted to take us to the wrong address. In fact, it did not do well on the entire journey from Romney. It decided not to give us any directions at all at several of the roundabouts on the drive.
Thankfully I knew the route anyway, but had wanted to test the in-car satnav to see how good it was. The result? It’s not good. 🙁
When we arrived in the centre of Hasting, I found a parking space on the seafront, and then we headed off to the First In Last Out pub for a beer.
A beer was all about we managed in Hastings.


I don’t know where time goes, it seems to vanish in the blink of an eye. Anyway, we’d stopped for a drink, and the next thing we knew it was time to leave, as our parking ticket was about to expire.
On the walk back to the car-park we did stop for a minute, literally, to grab a bag of chips to scoff down as we completed the walk to our car.


Not all of the chips went down our throats though, we decided to feed some to the seagulls. By we, I mean Laura, because she said she needed them to take some photos.
I thought photos, plural, seemed excessive, not that the crispy golden potatoes weren’t worthy of more than one photo. 😉
And we didn’t not eat all of our shared portion of chips because we were not that keen on them. We left some of the deep fried tubas because they were required for a photo opportunity.
Yep, it was a joint effort, we threw chips high up in the air to entice the large group of seagulls in to flight, so that we could photograph them.
We’d seen the gulls all sitting on a small island in a pond by the seafront. Once we began flinging chips sky high, the seagulls soon took off from their sunbathing. Well, a few of them did, the bulk of them remained relaxing in the sun. I guess they get more then enough chips to eat, and I know we shouldn’t have fed them, but hey-ho………..

Yet again we had a lazy, do-nothing day.
We spent the day doing pretty much what all of our neighbours on the caravan site were doing – absolutely nothing. We cooked, by we, I mean me, we ate, we lazed, we slept, all-in-all it was a much needed and much appreciated day of relaxation.
Our neighbours are on their holidays, so maybe the holiday vibe is contagious?


It was an exciting Sunday.
We drove into Hythe and visited the BP petrol station. Not just to see and admire the beauty of the petrol station, but to see petrochemical capitalism at work. 😉
Whilst at the petrol station we put air into the car tyres. It cost 50p for four minutes. We didn’t out any petrol in the car, after paying 50p for air, we couldn’t afford to. 😮



All change! Moving Monday.
We changed accommodation. We checked-out of New Beach Holiday Park at 10am. We were only travelling a few miles along the coast, and could not check-in until 4pm, so we had a lot of time to kill.
If I hadn’t been driving I’d have happily whiled away the hours on a pub crawl. 😉
Unfortunately though, I was driving, so alcohol had to take a backseat.
First stop was Dymchurch. We had a gander at the beach, then popped in to a cafe on the high street for breakfast. I had a typical fry-up. Having said that it wasn’t actually your typical English fry-up. It was small, not particularly tasty, didn’t come with any bread or toast, or tea, or coffee, it had hash-browns, and it was overpriced. Hash browns! They should not be served with a proper English fry-up.
Mrs.R wanted a fried egg sandwich, but by the time the queue at the counter, which only consisted of two women who were together, in front of me, had shrunk and it was my turn to be served, she’d changed her mind and asked for an egg mayonnaise sandwich.
Mrs.R said the sandwich was quite nice, the bread was soft and fresh, it contained egg, which is always a good start with an egg mayo sarnie, but it lacked a decent amount of mayonnaise. This was soon remedied with the addition of a couple of sachets of mayo, and brown sauce. Yep, the Mrs likes a mix of flavours in her food, in fact she’s a condiment queen. 😉
The egg mayo-less sandwich was served with a salad, and crisps. Mrs.R stuffed some of the lettuce, cucumber, mustard cress, and raw red onion in to her sandwich, the rest she ate with her fingers. The crisps were left untouched. We’re not American! We’re not in America! We don’t want, or need crisps with our sandwiches. Thank you!
After our less than impressive breakfast, but we do truly appreciate the fact they we are blessed to afford to buy food (thank you universe!) even if it’s crap, we looked round Dymchurch for a little while. We had brief glimpse at the sea, and a curious look at the people sunbathing in the concrete, a mere few metres from the lovely sandy, obviously quite empty, beach. There’s nowt as strange as folk. 😮
Then we motored on to New Romney.
Again we had a wander round to kill some time. We visited the graveyard at St. Nicholas Church and snapped a few photos.

New Romney, KentNew Romney, KentNew Romney, KentNew Romney, Kent

Wandering round graveyards in the wonderfully warm sunshine is thirsty work. We were in serious need of refreshment, so we visited Cinque Ports Arms for a beer.
Time wasted we headed to Marley Farm Holiday Park, our new home for the next two weeks. 🙂
New Romney, Kent


Feet up in front of the telly, with the occasional visit to the kitchen.
We were exhausted today, not exactly sure why we should be any more tired than usual today. Although Laura said I kept her awake all night snoring, and then when she finally fell asleep, I woke her up again at about 4:30am this morning. I don’t believe it! I never snore. 😉 Laura claims I snore almost every night, and that she rarely gets any decent sleep. I tell her she snores too. So then she replies, that the difference is, my snoring disturbs her and keeps her awake, but her snoring doesn’t disturb my sleep. She’s correct, but hey-hum what can you do? She loves me despite my snoring, or no doubt she’d be on her toes…….
So, my lovely wife, who very occasionally snores, but doesn’t distrust my sleep, said she felt extra tired today due to lack of sleep last night. What’s my excuse? Well, I’m often tired, it’s just one of the side effects of having ankylosing spondylitis. But today we both felt even more tired than usual. It may well be that we’re both feeling relaxed now that we’ve got a roof over our heads again – at least for the next fortnight. After that, who knows? It’ll be full-on Summer holiday then, the schools will all have broken up, vacancies will be few and far between, and more importantly prices will be double if not treble the rates we’ve been paying recently. Thankfully we bought a large car, so if we have to we’ll sleep in it. That’ll do wonders for my arthritic spine. Hahaha! :/
So today was spent doing what we do best, and what in a perfect World we’d get paid for -~ procrastinating. Living the dream. 😉


I did make some mighty tasty beans as an accompaniment to our lunch. I sautéed onions and garlic, added some Chinese five spice, passata, and voila! Homemade beans in a delicious rich tomato sauce.
The only other thing that constitutes activity, if you can call ‘jumping out of your skin’ activity, was when a couple of blokes began making loud thumping noises on the caravan windows. No, they weren’t up to no good, don’t be judgemental 😉 they were window cleaners.
One was slapping soapy water all over the glass with a large sponge, the other wiped the glass clean with a squeegee. Bosh, bash, bosh, job done, all of the caravan windows were done in about a minute. There’s two blokes who are obviously not feeling tired.