Liam Muir, Wannabe Author, Professional Idiot

Liam Muir sent me an email, via my blog, complaining about the review I wrote of his shoddy novel The Consultant. I have included the full contents of the email at the bottom of this post.

The fact is I was rather gentle in my review, I wasn’t overly critical as I believe everybody needs a chance to succeed when they are starting out, and because it is his first novel, and he is self published.
I did not mention that the writing was poorly constructed, lacking structure, narrative, and authority, or that the characters were one dimensional.
Nor did I mention the fake reviews that are on To quote just two of them, “I have read probably the finest crime thriller on the market” and “I now prefer Liam Muir over Dan Brown and Tom Clancy“. I wonder who put those on ?
Liam Muir seems to think that I’m a ‘wannabe writer’. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I put pen to paper I am sure it would be complete drivel, and not unlike the words that flow from Liam Muir. The difference would only be that I have the good sense not to inflict that on the public, and then cry foul because people expressed their opinions and truthfully called my writing rubbish.
I’m not quite sure why Liam Muir felt the need to send me an insulting email. What my nationality has to do with it, I have no idea. Maybe Liam Muir loves stereotyping people, and simply liked the words he chose for his title, ‘British Pomposity’, or more likely his ego got the better of him and he wrote and sent his email to me before he’d thoroughly thought it through.
As for me being an ingrate, that’s completely incorrect. I was grateful to have been sent a copy of the book. I regularly receive books from various sources for review, and I enjoy exploring new authors and genres. Ninety percent of my book reviews are very positive.
I was also mystified as to why Liam Muir thinks that people who pay for a book value it more than those who receive it as a gift. That is laughable, in fact it did make me laugh, a lot. If I had spent my money on purchasing ‘The Consultant’ I would have been far more disappointed about the low quality writing, where as the book being sent to me complimentary, at least I hadn’t wasted my cash.
Liam Muir asks how dare I take the book for free, and then review it despite not reading it all. Well, I dare, because I am free to express my honest opinion. Why would I waste my valuable time by reading a book right through to the end, when I found it tedious. I read far more of the book than I wanted to, in the hope that it would improve; which it didn’t, and in order for me to be able to give it a fair review.
He also asked who I am to critique his book anyway? How is this relevant to anything? If I want to critique something I can, and will, and so can anyone and everyone else.
Then once again Liam Muir mentions that if I paid for his book I might have enjoyed it. That is illogical. Paying for something does not mean I will enjoy it more than if it was free. I think the opposite is true. Freebies are often slightly more enjoyable simply because they are free. 
Liam Muir also said that 90% don’t agree with my opinion of his book. If that’s true, why is he so bothered by my review?
Lastly Liam Muir quips ‘better still try writing it yourself’. Yet again, I laughed. That comment is immature. Maybe if Liam Muir put as much effort in to writing his book as he did writing his email to me ‘The Consultant’ may not have been a complete waste of paper.

Dear Mr. Liam Muir, Don’t give up your day job.

The email from Liam Muir:

If you have the balls to post this on your website, which I’m sure you don’t, here’s what I think of your so-called review of my book but you can also view it on my website blog, Facebook and Twitter, titled “British Pomposity” and of course on Goodreads.

Here is yet another review from someone who got a freebie on Goodreads. I guess those who pay for a novel value it as it has received more 5 star reviews than pans…at least on other platforms than Goodreads. I have heard that Goodreads’ reviews are often from wannabe writers who love to indulge their “hate envy.” This guy didn’t disappoint because he didn’t even read the book so how could he give it a review, but he did. Here is the ingrate’s review.

“I won the book The Consultant by Liam Muir via a giveaway on the Goodreads website.

Grrrrr. This novel is set in England and Scotland but it is written in ‘American English’ it is very annoying for a native Englishman reading it in England. Having ‘Police cruisers’ ‘Sidewalks’ ‘Back-Up lights’ etc. in England and Scotland is just plainly wrong.

I’m a big fan of this genre of novels but sadly not a big fan of The Consultant by Liam Muir. Americanisms aside I felt the story was lacking in depth and pace. I only managed to get half way through it, before calling it a day. This is Liam Muir’s first novel, so a lot can be forgiven and I hope his future output is of a much higher standard.”

Really?? Get a life! Who cares about the vernacular? The story is a good one if you had the Joie de vivre to finish it. How dare you take something for nothing and then have the bad grace to not to finish it but review it anyway. Shame on you! You may be a big fan of something but I think it is your bad attitude and big ego. Who are you to critique a book anyway? Pay next time and you might enjoy it. People always appreciate something they had to work for, or better yet try writing it yourself. 90% don’t agree with your critic observer pan of what aficionados of the novel genre believe is a very good first effort. Grrrr to you!

And good riddance to Goodreads.


Liam Muir, Author (wishful thing on his part)