A week in review – Food, Beer and Graves


Wednesday was another day of relaxing. The weather was dire so there was no incentive to go out exploring the Kent countryside.
We did go out, but only to a local supermarket to buy a few supplies. The main one being lamb chops for lunch.
On the way we drove past field after field of grazing sheep. The irony was the supermarket only sold New Zealand lamb. You’ve got to love food shopping in England. Baaaaaaa!



We headed into Croydon, picked up my mother and then headed to Wing Yip supermarket (550 Purley Way, Croydon, CRO 4RF Tel: 020 8688 4880 www.wingyipstore.co.uk). My mother was most impressed by the building and the big Chinese Archway. We left her to look round at her leisure while Mrs.R and I headed off shopping. We had gone there with the purpose of buying some coconut oil, but they did not have any.
We did not come away empty handed though. I purchased a new Wok, some chopsticks, salted duck eggs, organic green tea, organic honey, enoki mushrooms, and a few other things.


Shopping done we headed off to collect my father, and then we took my parents for lunch at Botley Hill.
Lunch went well, which was a pleasant surprise considering they hate my wife. We dropped my folks off and headed back to Romney in Kent.
On the drive back as we sat in traffic in Bickley, a workman shouted through my open window, “Do you wanna gas checker?” We thought it was nice of him to offer, as we are windy people, but we declined.
As the traffic lights turned from red, amber, to green and I pulled away, we realised he’d been shouting at another workman across the road. 😉 😮


Friday was a stay at home day.
For excitement I tried out my new Wok and rustled use up a stir-fry for lunch.
How jealous are you of my exciting thrill-filled day? 😉



Saturday was a glorious day so we went out for a drive in the country.
Well, first it was a drive to the Sainsbury’s in Hythe.
Then we went on a pub crawl. Not really a crawl, more of a slow drive. The first hostelry we went to was the Botolphs Bridge Inn in West Hythe, after which we went to the Shepherd & Crook in Burmarsh. I was the nominated driver, so it was 1/2 a pint of cider in each pub.
It was a jolly jaunt in the country, and aside from visiting a couple of pubs we also popped into the graveyard of All Saints Church where we took a few photos.



We stayed in the van the whole day.
It’s actually really good to not be going out every day, which is what we’ve done for the past two years during our travels.
Sometimes less really is more. 🙂
I didn’t spend the whole day being totally lazy though, I made sure we were fed. I cooked roast chicken and stir-fried pak choi. Delicious!



We decided to have a ‘tourist day’ and headed just down the road to Hythe for a gander at St. Leonard’s Church, and a little walk along the high street.
It was a hot day, the weather forecast was correct about Summer finally being here, so we stopped off at The White Hart for a refreshing pint of beer.



Tuesday was another caravan day. Eating, drinking, and chilling in front of the telly.
It is good to stay in sometimes, and not do too much. We could get used to this much slower pace of life.
We are continuing to recover from our wonderful, but seriously exhausting World travels. We still need lots of rest, and to try and get our bodies back to good health.
So, yes, today was a do nothing, but relax day.
It’s just a shame we have to do it in England.

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