Richard and the Beanstalk

My plans for World Domination are not going so well, but my plans for a small Kitchen Garden are coming along just fine.
A second trip to Richardsons Garden Centre saw me return home with six bags of compost, a few plants, and several pots.
The seeds I’d put in trays last week are also coming along very well. In fact the Dwarf Beans (Purple Teepee) have shot up so fast, I’ve had to replant them in larger posts. I also planted a couple outside, just to see how well they will do. Fingers crossed on that one.
The backyard is slowly but surely turning into a small kitchen garden. I now have a couple of different mint plants, a blueberry bush, thyme, rosemary, and I’ve also sown spring onions. Once again I need to revisit the garden centre to purchase some more pots and also some canes for the beans to grow up.
Roll on harvest time. 🙂


Blog post by Richard Randall