Car M.O.T.

Yesterday I needed to get an M.O.T. done on the car.
I didn’t have to go far, just up the road to Gary’s Auto’s (Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery, Tel:01915271300).
I left the car at the garage, and then walked home. They said they would phone me when the car was ready. It was a phone-call I was dreading.
I was expecting the car to fail its M.O.T. not for any specific reason, and I’m a pretty positive person not given to negative thinking, but because the car has clocked-up a lot of miles, so I wasn’t looking forward to the phone-call from the garage. I thought they’d say it had failed its M.O.T and when I returned to the garage to pick-up the car I’d be given a big long list of the repairs needed for the car to pass its M.O.T. and more than likely a big bill too.
Thankfully my negativity was unjustified. It passed!
My wallet gave a big sigh of relief.
To celebrate the car passing its M.O.T. the next time I’m at a petrol station putting diesel in the tank I may just run it through the carwash, and who knows the inside may get a vacuum too.

Blog Post by Richard Randall