Egypt, a Blast From The Past

Many many moons ago, I can’t count how many moons as that would be lunacy, Mrs. R and I travelled to Egypt for a 3 month adventure.
It was an exciting time, enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. The sites we saw were phenomenal, and the interaction with the locals was – interesting to say the least. Thankfully we always managed to find a cold beer to calm us.
I’ve just retrieved my old photos which we shot during our past travels, from my parents loft and updated them for the digital age.
I had already scanned the negatives and slides, so it is just a matter of putting them on my iPad and messing around with them a little, so that they are fit for 2014. 🙂
I still have a lot of images to edit, which I will share on Instagram (@zoqyphoto) and needless to say on this blog too. Hope you enjoy them.

Blog Post by Richard Randall