Wing Yip Croydon

We visited Wing Yip with the hope of being able to buy some Coconut Oil, but alas they did not stock it.
I was so gutted, the only thing to get over the shock was to go shopping – retail therapy.
It was lucky then that I was in a supermarket. 😮
It being a food shop, and me being a bit of a foodie, it was not long before I had picked up a few food items, and also a Wok in which to cook them. 🙂
I went in to Wing Yip to purchase some coconut oil. I left having bought lots of things, except the coconut oil.
The stir fry I made using some of my purchases was a resigning success.


Pak Choi
Pak Choi

Soy Sauce
Soya Sauce

Enoki Mushrooms
Enoki Mushroom


Salted Duck Eggs
Salted Duck Eggs

Organic Green Tea
organic green tea

Wing Yip
550 Purley Way,
Tel: 020 8688 4880