A week in review – House Buying, Rain, and the Fuzz


We checked-out of the guesthouse in Sunderland and drove to Easington Colliery. We stopped at Easington Village along the way and explored the graveyard at St. Mary the Virgin Church.
Tombstone spotting done we carried onto Easington Colliery and visited Eight Estates (11 Seaside Lane, Easington, County Durham, SR8 3PF) the estate agent who is selling the house we had put an offer on.


We filled in some forms, containing lots of questions, then left the agent to contact the vendor to confirm our offer.
We then headed into Peterlee to make necessary arrangements with a solicitor (TMJ Legal Services 14 Yoden Way,) to handle the conveyancing.
This was all very slow and tiring, so we retired to a pub for a revitalising beer, and to give me time to book some accommodation for us. I decided we should head to Harrogate for a few days.
We left the pub and departed Peterlee, and headed to Harrogate.
Once we arrived in Harrogate, Google Maps freaked out and took us to the wrong destination, so we ended up driving round for a bit before we managed to find the apartment that I had booked on booking.com.
We dumped our stuff in the apartment, then headed into the town centre for a quick look round, and to buy a few food items. We did not linger long in the town centre, and were soon back at the apartment where it was feet up for the rest of the day. 🙂


I had booked three nights in Harrogate, so needless to say the weather started getting worse. We wandered into town stopping for a drink in the Winter Gardens. Then the plan was to do a little sightseeing and take some photos and shoot a bit of video, but the weather had other plans because it started raining, so no photography for us.
We did pop into ‘Farrah’s of Harrogate’ (Camwal Rd, Harrogate Tel: 01423 883000) where I picked up a couple of tins of sweets for my parents.
With the weather winning the battle we retreated back to the Winter Garden for another beer. 😉
Then it was a quick visit to Marks and Spencer’s to purchase a few more food items, before calling it a day and heading back to the apartment.



The morning started surreally.
I saw a police van park up outside our apartment, a copper got out and started walking along the street, next he entered the gates to our building, and then he rang our bell. Yikes! I was wondering what had Mrs.R been up to. 😮
It turned out that the address of our holiday rental apartment had been used in a credit-card fraud. We gave the policeman the owner of the apartments details, and breathed a sigh of relief when he departed.
Even when you have done nothing wrong, you automatically feel guilty when a rozzer knocks on your door uninvited.


The weather was crap so we gave up on the idea of having a wander round Harrogate, and surprise surprise, we settled instead for a couple of pints in the Winter Garden (Wetherspoon). We stuck to a strict liquid only pop visit, with lunch and dinner back at the apartment much later that day.

OlivesGoats Cheese


We departed Harrogate and headed South towards London.
I had already decided I would not drive all the way to Croydon in one go (5.30 hours), so at about 1pm we stopped at a pub near Luton that I had booked a couple of days previously, and called it a day.

Lunch and a couple of beers was followed by a siesta, and then a couple of beers in the evening, followed by a snack back in our room. The night was rounded off by watching the last episode of the 2nd season of Homeland.



We departed Luton and headed to Croydon. We collected my mother and headed to Coombe Lodge for lunch.
Then it was on to see my father.
Family duties over we then headed down to Folkestone for the night. We were both exhausted but still had the energy to pop into the Samuel Peto for a couple of beers. 🙂



We left Folkestone and headed to towards New Beach Holiday Park in Romney Marsh, but stopped off in Hythe first to do a bit of food shopping.
Then it was onto New Beach Holiday Park, but not before we had a beer in the pub next to the holiday park.
A welcome to Romney pint, well, two, pints of cider.



We decided on a nothing day, which involved staying in the caravan, eating, and watching television.
Mrs.R made a seriously scrumptious vegetable curry for our lunch. 🙂
A much needed rest day after the hectic last couple of weeks spent house hunting, and driving all over Northern England.