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Natalya K = Scam

Hello. How are you doing? I write to you with my personal email so write to me at any time. I will be always glad to answer you. I with pleasure will tell to you about me and about my life. I send you my photo if it is pleasant to you, I will send to you more. I also will be glad to see your photos. I’m from Russia, I hope this is not a problem for us.
311 = Scam

Nice to meet you!
What is your name, age and where do you live?
I want to know you better and to tell you more about myself.
I hope you are interested in acquaintance with me too. I am a young lady from Georgia.
I am 28 years old. My measurements are 5’7″ height and 124lb weight.
I am attaching photos of mine to this e-mail that you could totally appreciate my appearance. I am interested very much if you like it or not. I want to meet a good guy for serious relations. It would be great if you tell me more about yourself and we could communicate. I want to know about your interests, your place of living, maybe your job.
Tell me anything you want to share with me. I’l be waiting for your answer with impatience and you make me happy if you send your photos.
P.S. Oh dear! I am looking for a man who is ready for serious relations and not younger than 32 years old. I don want to disappoint you but I’l not answer if you are younger. I am very interested in you.