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Natalya = Scam

Hi. How are you? I am writing with great interest to you my letter. I hope that you will have a pleasant joy to receive this letter. I have a desire to get to know you, to know each other. My name is Natalya. I’m from Russia, I live in the city of Izhevsk. I am writing to you with a view to get to know each other. I am a single woman, my heart was free. I am looking for only serious relationship. I want to close was a decent man. If you too are looking for a serious relationship, I think we have a lot in common with you. I am 29 years old. I hope that will not age has not any problems. If you are a serious man, I’m waiting for your answer. Tell me about yourself, sent to me your pictures! Then I’ll write you more detailed information about themselves. I shall wait for your answer. Natalya

Guinness West Indies Porter

I’m not a big fan of Guinness, but when I spotted this i my local Asda in Peterlee, I thought that I would give in a try.
It pours nice and dark with a amber head, but the head did not last very long.
On the palate it is rather pleasing. There are notes of caramel, chocolate, toasted malts and toffee. The finish is nice with a good mouth feels.
The Guinness West Indies Porter was a very pleasant surprise because I was expecting a weedy ale.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Chaos in Easington Colliery

It has been another fun week in Easington Colliery, County Durham. To add to the normal broken windows, we have also had two cars vandalised at the bottom of Anthony Street and Argent Street and a horse in a yard on Anthony Street being kept in a yard and eating rubbish from the bins and laying in its own faeces.
Horse in Easington Colliery
Easington Colliery
Easington Colliery
Blog post by Richard Randall

Natalya = Scam

Good afternoon
This is Natalya. I am sure my email is {%surprise|Unexpectedness|has
surprised%} for you. And i hope it is a nice surprise.
I think you will have a question about ” where did i find yours email
address. I used a services of dating agency.
They asked me what kind of men i like, and then they
{%offer|Wish|Acquaint%} me to start a correspondence with you via email.
This agency {%said|Has designated|Has offered%} me that your email address
they found at dating site.

As i said you before my name is Natalya. And i am absolutely lonely girl.
I was born and live now in Russia in small town in central part.
I have no children, but i love kids very much. And i never been married
Maybe learning more about each other we can have serious relations, who
I am want to search for my true love. I want
to have real relations.
It is a little about myself. I hope it was interesting for you.
I will be waiting your answer very much.

Yours new friend from Russia. Natalya.


House Fire, Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery

Just before 9am this morning I received a phone call from a friend who lives in Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery. He said he had woken-up to no electricity in his house, and the faint smell of smoke in the air. He then ventured out of his front door to be greeted by the sight of fire engines, and a couple of vans from Northern Power.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
In the early hours of Sunday morning a house at the bottom end of Baldwin street had gone up in flames. Thankfully the property was unoccupied, and the fire did not spread to the adjoining house, which is currently occupied.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Our plan for today had been to go to Seaham, but on the way we stopped at our friends house in Baldwin Street to make sure he was O.K. and also to take a few photos of the fire damaged house, before the property is boarded up.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
As you can see from the photos I shot in Baldwin Street, the fire completely gutted the property.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
This is not the only incident to happen to this house recently, as a few weeks ago a joy-rider drove a car into the side of the property. The car burst into flames which caused lots of external damage to the building.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
While this incident may seem shocking, it’s not unusual for similar things to occur in Easington Colliery. With each passing day it seems to be becoming more and more like a war zone.
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Blog post by Richard Randall

Biére de Garde – La Blonde de Ch’Nord

I picked this beer up in my local Lidl in Peterlee a little while ago and yesterday decided to have it with lunch.
It is nothing special. There are some slight citrus notes and a little yeast but that is about it. But it does rock in at 7% ABV, so it does have that going for it.
I had a gander on the Les Brasseurs de Gayant website and could not find it listed, so I assume it is a supermarket ‘special’ they knocked up for Lidl.

Biére de Garde - La Blonde de Ch'Nord
Produced by:
Les Brasseurs de Gayant
185 Rue Léo Lagrange,
59500 Douai,
Blog post by Richard Randall

January and February Competitions Wins

Today a big parcel arrived at the door.
It contained a case, 12 bottles, of Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, plus two bottles of Light Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.
I used the beer in my cooking. A nice result.

A paperback copy of Knightley and Son 3 of a Kind, by Rohan Gavin, arrived in the post.

A Blue-ray copy of Pitch Perfect 2 arrived in the post.

A cool bag packed with Primula cheese products arrived at the door.
We don’t eat overly-processed products, so we gave it to my mother, who shared the cheese with her friends and neighbours.
A hardback copy of These Dark Wings by John Owen Theobald.

Towards the end of the month a cheque for £100 arrived in the post.
A nice cash win via What’s On T.V. online magazine.
I’d appreciate more money dropping through my letterbox Universe, thank you very much in advance.
A copy of The Street Food Cook Book by Kate Eddison arrived in the post.
Another good win, but I don’t think I’ll be eating any of my cooking in the street, it’s way too cold here for that.

February Wins:
A hardback copy of Zero Day by Jan Gangsei arrived in the post.

Next to arrive in the post, was a can of Crosse & Blackwell soup, and a plastic cup.
A china mug would have been better, but the plastic cup isn’t going to waste, I’m using it as a scoop for dishing up food for my dogs.

Next in the post was a papaer back copy of Zero-G by Rob Boffard.

Next to arrive was a hardback copy of The Promise by Robert Crais.

The 26th of February was a bumper prize day.
Two books, and £150 worth of Shell fuel vouchers arrived by post.
A copy of Killing Ways by Alex Barclay.

A copy of Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

The £150 worth of fuel vouchers for Shell are much appreciated. They should last me a decent while.
Next to arrive was a packet of VitaVet SuperDog supplement tablets.
I’ve been giving them to my two rescue dogs – when I remember. If they improved memory I’d take them too.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £5228 (from 1st September 2013). Valentina T = Scam

Hi! How are you doing? I write to you with my personal email so write to me at any time. I will be always glad to answer you. I with pleasure will tell to you about me and about my life. I send you my photo if it is pleasant to you, I will send to you more. I also will be glad to see your photos. I’m from Russia, I hope this is not a problem for us.