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#Daily Photo No.40 – Washed Up Yeast

It is a small world.Today on Crimdon Beach, County Durham I spotted a tin of yeast that had washed up at the high tide mark. It was funny because earlier in the morning I had purchased 4.5kg of strong bread flour. I think the Universe is telling me to get in the kitchen and bake bread.
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Crimdon Beach – The Video!

This morning we took our two dogs , Barley the Lurcher and Porter the Rottweiler down to Crimdon Beach for an early morning run and I decided to dust of the video camera and record the event.

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#DailyPhoto No.37 – Spring is not Here

This morning whilst walking the dogs it looked and felt like a Spring morning. The Sun was out in full force and the daffodils where in bloom.
Typical British weather the day because at midday it started to snow.
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Lurcher, Bull Terrier Puppies, and a Jack Russell on Crimdon Beach, County Durham

A few weeks ago we took our Lurcher, Barley to Crimdon Beach, County Durham, to have a run and play with a couple of Bull Terrier puppies, belonging to a friend, and his mothers Jack Russell
Dogs on Crimdon BeachIt was a dull overcast morning, and the wind was blowing almost gale like. The dogs did not seem to care about the weather though, and they all had a great time running about on the sand.
Dogs on Crimdon BeachBarley was very popular with the Bull Terrier puppies, they followed him everywhere he went.
Whenever the puppies got a bit too much for Barley, I’d throw his ball and he’d zoom off along the beach after it.
The Jack Russell also got in on the action chasing after the ball, and generally enjoying playing on the beach with the Bull Terrier puppies and Barley.
Dogs on Crimdon BeachEventually the windy weather, combined with lots of fresh air and exercise for the dogs, meant we were all ready to leave the beach, so we headed back homeward. A good morning had by all. 
Dogs on Crimdon Beach
Dogs on Crimdon Beach
Dogs on Crimdon Beach
Dogs on Crimdon Beach
Dogs on Crimdon Beach

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Ultimate Speed – ULGD 3.8 A1 Charger 12V/6V

We have had a few electrical issues with our car, a Citroen C5 Tourer.
For some reason or another the car battery loses charge whenever the weather is damp or cold.
We have had an auto electrician check-out the car, but with no luck. He couldn’t find any specific faults related to the cars electrics.
During the most recent cold snap I’ve had to bump-start the car on several occasions. Not an amusing prospect when the roads are icy.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Lidl in Peterlee I saw the Ultimate Speed – ULGD 3.8 A1 Charger 12V/6V for sale, and decided to buy it. It cost £13.99. Into my shopping basket it went.
It is super easy to use, and an overnight charge saw the car battery back to full health.
It’s been a good few weeks now since I used the battery charger to fully charge my car battery, and so far it has held its charge.
I haven’t had to do any bump-starts, even when the weather has been well below freezing.
I’m glad I bought the Ultimate Speed – ULGD 3.8 A1 Charger 12V/6V, it’s definitely saved me having to buy a brand new car battery. Thanks Lidl!

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