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Our Rescue Lurcher and Rottweiler on Horden Beach, County Durham

This morning we headed to one of our locals beaches.
We often go to the Easington Colliery end of Horden Beach because there is a nice long area of sand.
Barley the Lurcher has enjoyed many a run on this part of Horden Beach, but this morning it was the first time for Porter the Rottweiler. Both dogs had a good run, and enjoyed venturing into the sea. Rather them than me!

Lurcher and Rottweiler on the beachLurcher on the beach
Rottweiler on the beachLurcher and Rottweiler on the beach
Lurcher and Rottweiler on the beachLurcher and Rottweiler on the beach
Lurcher on the beach
Video of Barley and Porter have a run on Horden Beach

Blog post by Richard Randall

Outhwaite Rope Gun Dog Lead with Trigger Hook

A few days ago I purchased two Outhwaite Rope Gun Dog Leads from Amazon.
I already own the exact same lead, which I’ve been using every day for about 18 months, it’s super-strong, comfortable to hold, and it is excellent quality.
The two new dog leads arrived quickly, but some fuckwit from Capital Stores, the supplier, had let one of the leads ship to us without the rubber binding to protect the rope weave. In fact, it should have never left the factory.
I could not be bothered with the time and effort it would take to send the incomplete dog lead back to be replaced, so I’ve fixed it with some duck tape.
Duck tap DIY aside, I am happy with my purchase, and am sure the two new dog leads will last a long time.

Blog post by Richard Randall

A Blast on Blast Beach, Dawdon, Seaham

It was a glorious Summers day here in County Durham yesterday, so we decided to take Porter and Barley to Blast Beach in Dawdon, just South of Seaham.
Kitted out in our Winter fleeces, and wet weather gear, we set off just up the coast to Dawdon. It was a dirty morning with thick fog and driving rain.
IMG_0579Access to the beach was a bit of a trek from the carpark, and by the time we had reached the shore line, Laura and I were soaked through. At least the mutts seemed very happy.IMG_0570
This was our first time letting Porter off lead for an extended period of time, and in a wide open space. I’m pleased to report his recall was very good. This was a big relief for us. Looks like all of the training we have been doing with him, is paying off.
IMG_0571Barley and Porter had a bit of a run together, and then Barley went off exploring, while Porter mooched about near us. Barley‘s exploration involved finding something fishy and then rolling around in it. The little monster sure loves eau du poisson. IMG_0573It was a good morning apart from the weather, and after an hour on the beach we all returned to the car, happy and wet and very pleased to be heading back home to Easington Colliery.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Winning MAY and JUNE

On the first of May a bottle Mint and Tea Tree Original Source shower gel arrived
On the 14th of May a pair of AFTERSHOKZ Bluez 2 Wireless Headphones arrived, well not actually arrived because I had to go to the post office to collect them I won them via a competition on Athletics Weekly. Here is my review of the AFTERSHOKZ Bluez 2 Wireless Headphones.

On the 16th an Ipad Air case by XQISIT arrived in the post. We both own regular iPads so this iPad case wil go in the box to be donated to Stray Aid.

On the 19th a copy of Improbable Libraries by Alex Johnson arrived in the post. A very nice coffee table book with lots of photos of very interesting libraries from around the World.

On the 2nd of June a Luster Premium White Pro Light Whitening System arrived in the post. I won it via a competition on on Vintage TV.

On the 8th of June a Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Manual With Harness Lifejacket arrived at my door. I won it on Yachts and Yachting Magazine website.
Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Manual With Harness Lifejacket

On the 19th a DVD copy of The Cutting Room arrived.

On the 20th a package arrived containing ‘Dog Rocks’.

On the 25th of June and pair of shorts and a t-shirt arrived from ETO Jeans. A very nice result. All I need now is a nice sunny and warm spell into which to wear them.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £3242 (from 1st September 2013).

Porter the Rottweiler – The First Week

Last Tuesday we headed to StrayAid in Coxhoe, County Durham with the idea of getting another dog. We had looked on the StrayAid website the day before and spotted a Rottweiler named Hero, and also a couple of Lurchers that took our fancy.
RottweilerLaura and I had been talking about adding another member to our family for quite a while, and now the time felt right. We were certain we would love to have another dog in the house, and thought Barley our rescue Lurcher would also like a playmate. IMG_3611At StrayAid we took Porter (Hero) for a short walk on the grounds, and then introduced him to Barley. Barley was a bit growly with Porter initially, but nothing too excessive. I think he was just showing him who’s the Boss.
For Laura and I, Porter was a perfect fit.
We both like larger dogs, our first dog together was a Great Dane, and we wanted a dog that was a similar or larger size than Barley. Barley may be slender, as is typical of sighthounds, but he is extremely well-muscled and incredibly strong.

As the meeting between Porter and Barley went fairly well, and Laura and I instantly loved him, we decided to adopt Porter.
The adoption process involved filling in several forms, while we chatted to the lovely staff who work at StrayAid, about Porter, pet insurance, vaccinations etc. Paperwork complete, it wasn’t too long before we were all back in the car, and our family of four headed home.

RottweilerOnce we arrived home in Easington Colliery with Porter, we took both of our boys for a walk. We didn’t go too far because Porter was still recovering from being neutered, but he enjoyed a short walk sniffing out his new area. IMG_3637

Back at home we showed Porter around his new home, he seemed happy with it. For the next few days we let Porter settle in gently, and get familiar with his new surroundings, both at home and out in the local World.

Once Porter was more settled in his new routine at home, the next step was to take him to ‘puppy training’ and dog socialisation classes at DogHouse (Plateau 9, Cold Heseldon, Seaham, Co Durham SR7 8ST. TEL:0191 523 6666).
We took Barley to DogHouse just after we’d adopted him, and it was great for him and us. Keith, the guy who runs the dog obedience classes has a great way with both dogs and people, and he must have a photographic memory as he always remembers the names of all the dog and their owners.
Porters first time at DogHouse was not without incident. He took a fancy to a small Dachshund, which was very yappy and jumping around all over the place. Porter was very focused on the little dog. So mush so, he managed to slip out of his collar and make a beeline for the Dachshund. No blood was spilt though, and Keith and I managed to get Porter back under control. Phew!
Hopefully the next few weeks at DogHouse will help me and Porter with our obedience, and there will be no further off-lead incidence.
IMG_3616Porter is very under weight, and he has muscle wastage, so unfortunately he can only cope with short walks at the moment. We are giving him lots of good healthy fresh food and slowly putting weight on him, and building up his muscles. Porter also has pressure sores, so we are guessing he has spent a lot of time confined to a kennel or yard. Hopefully with time, he’ll stabilise at a decent weight, his muscles will be as they should be, he’ll be able to enjoy lots of beach running with Barley, and he’ll be the happiest and healthiest Rottweiler in County Durham.RottweilerAs you can see from the photos above and below, Porter has settled in nicely. We think he likes it here!

Photo Disclaimer: The photos in this blog post are not great quality because they where taken on an iPhone, and in low light conditions. Once Porter is more relaxed, we will introduce him to the DSLR.

Blog post by Richard Randall


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