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Good morning! How are you? My best wishes for you.
I try to find for relationships.
I understand that you are single and looking for relationships.
We can to know each other better and get acquainted.
I’m Anna, my age is 28 years old. I’m from Russia.
Answer to me soon I’m wait!
Tacke care and best wishes. Anna

8924nwg = Scam

My name is Ruth Vivian James a pretty girl, i just read through your profile on (Facebook) and i am interested in you please i will like us to know much better if you don’t mind you can reply me, through my private email address ( ) so that i can send to you my pictures and tell you more about me, i will waiting to see your reply thank = Scam

Hi friend
I saw your profile today and love to contact you,I have something
important to tell you. Here is my email,( ) you can
write to me direct with this address.
Be confidence and hope to be good friend,i will be appreciate you if you can contact me straight to my email box.
Have a nice day
Felicia = Scam

Happy new year,

Veronica by name, I saw your contact profile facebook today, when I was searching for genuine friend. I think we can click together and make something good. Please try to contact me, because I have something to discuss with you. I would like to show you my pictures and at the same time tell you more about me, kindly contact me on ( )
Miss Veronica. = Scam

( )
Hello my dear,

My name is miss Rose Farah,i found your contact today at and i so
much like us to know each other well Please i will like you to contact
me through my email address. i have a lot to share with you and hoping
to hear from you any moment from now. write me through this id here
( )

Miss Rose Farah.

Gennaro Contaldo – Italian Minestrone Soup

Step in to my garden!’ Let the Godfather of Food Tube, Gennaro Contaldo show you how to make the most delicious, warming and hearty minestrone recipe straight from his childhood. If there is anyone who knows how to pack flavour into a nutritious bowl of soup, it’s Gennaro. Packing veg from peas to pumpkin, this doesn’t only show you the rainbow, but has such an incredible variety of textures and flavours. A show stopper! = Scam

Meu nome é Manuela. Você tem um perfil interessante. Estou à procura de um relacionamento sério. Eu acredito que eu posso encontrá-lo aqui. Eu apreciaria se você pode entrar em contato diretamente comigo através do meu e-mail. Teremos uma melhor comunicação por e-mail porque eu não uso frequentemente facebook. Meu e-mail é ( ). Espero ouvir de você em breve.


Alika = Scam

A scam email that arrived today. Interesting that it is in 3 languages and came with 3 photos.
Si prega di qui sono / Email

Ciao, come stai facendo, raffreddare credo … ho cercato di controllare un amico in facebook che ho visto per molto tempo prima che ho visto il tuo profilo credimi. Sarò lieto se potessi sapere di più di voi. dispiace per ogni forma di intrusione o inconvenienti potrei ti ho causato. Spero davvero di conoscervi e voglio dire nulla di male, per favore. Non vedo l’ora di sentire da voi con la possibilità di stima di una breve introduzione da voi. Ci dispiace ancora una volta per l’inconveniente.
Si prega di qui sono / Email
Voglio che procedere attraverso l’indirizzo e-mail solo per motivi di sicurezza
Ecco le mie foto.
Grazie. Alika

10 A_small(1)

Se il vous plaît voici / Email

Salut, comment faites-vous, je suppose refroidir … Je essayais de vérifier sur un ami dans Facebook que je ai vu depuis très longtemps avant que je ai vu votre profil me croire. Je serai heureux si je pouvais savoir plus de vous. désolé pour toute forme d’intrusion ou inconvénient que je pourrais vous ai causée. Je espère vraiment que vous connaître et je veux pas de mal, se il vous plaît. Je ai hâte de vous entendre avec la possibilité de soi d’une brève introduction de vous. Désolé une fois de plus pour la gêne occasionnée.
Se il vous plaît voici / Email
Je veux que nous procédons par adresse e-mail que pour des raisons de sécurité
Voici mes photos.
Merci. Alika

8 A_small

Please here are / Email

Hi, how are you doing, cool i guess…i was trying to check on a friend in facebook whom i have seen for a very long time before i saw your profile believe me. I will be glad if i could know more of you. sorry for any form of intrusion or inconvenience i might have caused you. I really hope to know you and i mean no harm, please. I look forward to hear from you with the esteem possibility of a brief introduction from you. Sorry once again for the inconvenience.
Please here are / Email
I want us to proceed through email address only for security reasons
Here are my pictures.
Thanks. Alika

9 A_small