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@GlenellyWines Glenelly Wines #drinksouthafrican @WinesofSA

I took part in a wine tasting on twitter (@aude11360) the other day. It was an interesting marketing exercise. I’ve seen it happen a lot with my friends based in the U.S. who are also wine bloggers. At the time I was living in France and since then I’ve just spent two years traveling the world, so maybe I’m a little out of the marketing/pr loop for happenings in the U.K. Hoping to change that now that I’m settled in England for the foreseeable future.
Thanks to Wines of South Africa for suppling the wine and to Glenelly Wines for crushing the grapes. ūüôā
Blog post by Richard Randall

Dog Food Conspiracy – Is your dog a drug addict?

In the ‘Old Days’ we would feed our dogs what ever food was at hand. We would buy any dog food that was available in our local shop, which was usually tinned dog food.
One day we’d feed our furry friend one brand of tinned dog food, and the next day it may be another brand, and the dog food would be intermixed with scraps from the dining table.
Now it seems dogs have become addicted to having to be fed one single brand of dog food only.
To change from one kibble (dried food) to another brand, the advised ‘wisdom’ is that you must introduce it slowly, over a period of a couple of weeks by adding increasing amounts of the new food to your dogs current kibble while decreasing the old food.
The argument is that dogs have delicate stomachs, and to switch randomly from one particular brand to another brand will make them unwell, and possibly cause behavioural problems. Surely if that was the case, dogs would have become extinct the moment they became domesticated.
Barley the Lurcher
I’m guilty of feeding my dog, Barley the Lurcher, kibble, but I make sure he also has a lot of other freshly made food to keep a healthy balance.
The reason I say I’m guilty of feeding Barley kibble is because I’m not sure it’s especially nutritionally valuable for dogs. The packaging doesn’t even tell you what exactly is in the kibble.
In an ideal World I would not feed kibble to Barley, or any dog in our family, but the trouble is, kibble is just so convenient.
Blog post by Richard Randall

Amazon Gift Vouchers. I won £60 worth. :-)

A nice result this week. I won ¬£60 worth of Amazon U.K. gift vouchers. I soon converted them into goodies. A bottle of Champagne, a couple of books and some dried mushrooms are now ordered. ūüôā Result.
By Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £186 (from 1st September 2013).

Easington Roast Chicken

Now that it is getting colder, I’m starting to cook more robust dishes to help us ward off the cold and to put a little extra ‘meat on our bones’. Today it was a slow roasted¬†spatch¬∑cocked chicken with a honey, chili, cider vinegar and Soy sauce glaze.
By Richard Randall

Carp Kinetics Native Waterproof Camo Track Boots

They are NOT WATERPROOF. The first time that I wore them in the rain while taking my dog Barley for a walk, they leaked. I purchased them from a sports fishing shop in Peterlee, because I wanted a spare pair of boots to use when my main walking boots needed drying out are being cleaned.
The Carp Kinetics Native now have had dubbing added to them in the hope of making them waterproof. Fingers crossed. I would have taken then back, but it would have been a major hassle for me and they will ‘do’ in dry old weather because they are at least warm and comfortable if worn with thick socks.

By Richard Randall

Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer

Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer does not taste like beer or bourbon. In fact it tastes like a sweet chemical concoction. It was pretty disgusting. It is not something I would every buy and thankfully I actually won a few bottles of it, so no money wasted.
If I ever got more free Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer, I would do the decent thing and pour it straight down the sink.


By Richard Randall

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