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This little gem arrived via PM on Facebook. A classic scam message.

HI My name is Goodness i want you to be my friend pleases contact me here ok ( so that i will tell you about myself not here in a facebook.
Oi meu nome é Deus eu quero que você seja meu amigo quiser entrar em contato comigo aqui ok ( para que eu vou lhe dizer sobre mim não aqui em um facebook..

Dog training @ DogHouse, Cold Heseldon, Seaham

For the past four Sunday’s we have taken Barley to dog training classes (although I think it’s more accurate to call it human training) at DogHouse (Plateau 9, Cold Heseldon, Seaham, County Durham SR7 8ST Phone:0191 523 6666

Barley the Lurcher
The guy who runs the obedience class is really good, he obviously knows his trade. What’s also impressive, apart from his dog training skills, is his memory. He remembers not only the names of the dogs, he also remembers the names of their owners too, which is no small feat especially in the busy noisy hall.
Dog training class
The training is going well, for the most part. Barley is very good with other dogs, if at times a little over enthusiastic.
Dog training class
I use treats to reward Barley every time he follows my command. For the first half of the training class he pays full attention to me, and really enjoys his treats. The only major problem is keeping his attention, as after about 30 minutes he gets bored of the edible treats. It’s at this stage that it’s impossible to get his attention. That means Barley still needs to go to a few more obedience classes, which I guess means I do too.
Dog training class
Barley especially loves the end of the obedience class, because it’s the ‘recall’ section. The dog trainer holds Barley on his lead, I walk to the far side of the hall, the trainer lets the lead go, and whoosh – Barley runs to me at the speed of a rocket.

Dog training class
Video of a dog training class

By Richard Randall

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The UK National Lottery +447035907443 = Scam

From The UK National Lottery
Office Address: 23-31 Huddersfield Row,
West Yorkshire United Kingdom HD2 5TXR
Tel: +447035907443
Contact Agent: Mr Barrister Terry Wood Gate

Dear Winner,

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Note: You don’t have to purchase a ticket to enter this lottery. It’s a free email draw.

Yours faithfully,
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UK National lottery Promo.
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Approve by British government.

Libya, a civil war

It looks like another ‘Arab Spring’ country is sinking into civil war. It is not really surprising. The West funded the civil war and put in place a puppet government. A government that did not unite any of the factions in Libya. The only real surprise is that it has taken 2 years.
Ali Zaidan, the prime minister was kidnapped and now the assination Libya’s military police commander, Ahmed al-Barghathi. I can almost smell the smoke rising over Tripoli.
What really makes me laugh is the fact that the U.K., U.S.A. and Italy plan to train Libyan army cadres at a base in Cambridgeshire, England. Training local cadres, worked so well in Afghanistan, NOT. Training them of British soil is an insane idea. How easy would it be for them to leave the army base armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and go on a killing spree.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt.
It is salt (halite – rock salt) but is is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan, 300 miles from the Himalayan Mountains. A clever bit of marketing, and more enticing than it being called Islamabad Pink Salt. 🙂
Mrs. R had done extensive research on Himalayan Pink Salt. It is supposedly a healthy alternative to regular table salt, but then anything is a healthy alternative to table salt.
I’m still undecided if it’s healthier because it is after all about 95-98% sodium chloride and 2-5% trace minerals. So it’s not all that different from Fleur de sel or Selmelier. But at least it is unrefined, and it does have some mineral content, unlike normal table salt which is not really fit for human consumption, and Himalayan Pink Salt is cheaper than Fleur de sel or Selmelier – which makes me happy. 🙂

By Richard Randall

Armchair Travel

It’s been nearly 6 months since we stopped traveling. Well traveling round the world at least. The first 3 months back in England saw us traveling up and down the country while we looked for an house to purchase.
To rekindle some fond travel memories I’ve been looking at a few of our travel videos, that are posted on YouTube. We have 370 of them! Here are a few.

Maharaja’s Palace, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Bayon, Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hoi An, Vietnam

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

By Richard Randall

Gennaro Contaldo – Classic Italian Risotto with Strawberry & Balsamic

Strawberry Risotto! It’s not a pudding but a beautiful savoury recipe made easy by the maestro of Italian cooking. Gennaro shows you how to make a quick, simple risotto base which tastes great and then introduces the amazing combination of strawberries and balsamic vinegar.