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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt.
It is salt (halite – rock salt) but is is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan, 300 miles from the Himalayan Mountains. A clever bit of marketing, and more enticing than it being called Islamabad Pink Salt. ūüôā
Mrs. R had done extensive research on Himalayan Pink Salt. It is supposedly a healthy alternative to regular table salt, but then anything is a healthy alternative to table salt.
I’m still undecided if it’s healthier because it is after all about 95-98%¬†sodium chloride and 2-5% trace minerals. So it’s not all that different from Fleur de sel or¬†Selmelier.¬†But at least it is unrefined, and it does have some mineral content, unlike normal table salt which is not really fit for human consumption, and Himalayan Pink Salt is cheaper than¬†Fleur de sel or¬†Selmelier – which makes me happy. ūüôā

By Richard Randall

Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News

We have recently returned to England after a decade away.
One of the things that we have put off doing for a while was registering with a doctor. Finally we both bit the bullet and peed into a bottle. Isn’t our pee a lovely colour? ;o Samples in hand (Mrs.R’s), we headed to the clinic for a visit with the practice nurse. Height and weight taken, and a few questions asked, we were back in the NSH system.
Mrs.R only registered as a formality, hoping that she never needs to see a doctor, but if she does, she can. For me, registering was essential, I need drugs. ūüėČ
Urine Samples

By Richard Randall

Naproxen vs. Diclofenac Sodium

For a long while I’ve been taking Diclofenac Sodium to reduce the inflammation caused by Ankylosing spondylitis. During my most recent travels over the last two years I’ve been buying them ‘over the counter’. My last purchase was in Riga, Latvia¬†and a 90 day supply.
A few days ago I noticed that my supply was running low, so I walked up to the medical centre on Seaside Lane in Easington, for an emergency prescription.
After a 45 minute wait I got to see a doctor. It was then that the ‘bomb shell’ was dropped. The NHS was phasing out Diclofenac Sodium because of its link to heart disease. Yikes!
So, instead of Diclofenac Sodium I was given a prescription for Naproxen.
Time will tell if¬†Naproxen works for me. That said, I’m registering with the doctors surgery and getting a referral to a¬†rheumatologist. Hopefully I can set up a good, and practical, regime to manage my¬†Ankylosing spondylitis.

Buying drugs in Latvia

Yes buying drugs but not narcotics. I’m now heading back to England and I will soon need more Diclofenac to manage my ankylosing spondylitis. The irony is that I can get them back in England but only after a visit to a doctor (free) who will write a prescription, which I would then need to take to a pharmacy and pay ¬£8 for the drugs for a 2 months supply. That sound very cheap to folks from the U.S.A. but for the last 2 years I have been buying¬†Diclofenac over the counter and for the average amount given on a U.K. I have purchased to same for half the price or much less. Even here in Latvia I picked up 100 50mg tablets (3 months supply) for about ¬£5 and over the counter. No time wasted in a doctors waiting room, no wasted doctors time.