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Growing Pains – An Allotment Tale

Work is slowly progressing on my bit of the allotment I share.
I now have climbing beans and courgettes planted. It is a bit late in the season for them, but worth a try. The climbing beans and courgettes in our back yard are already cropping.
I’ve had a few casualties on my plants, from rabbits and bugs. Rabbits have had a few young cabbage plants, and bugs have feasted on a few of the other plants.
I’m trying out a few things to cure these problems. I scatter ash, and also have a breathable bag of both dog and human hair, which is supposed to deter rabbits.
To deter the bugs I’m spraying the plants with a mix of salt, chilli peppers, and washing-up liquid. I will also be making a Neem Oil spray. It is all trail and error at the moment, but fingers crossed I will get the right remedy, and the plants will continue to grow and produce lovely vegetables.

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SupaGarden Pressure Sprayer

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with bugs in my Kitchen Garden and on the Allotment, so I decided to invest in a SupaGarden Pressure Sprayer. I’ve used it for a few days now and it seems very robust. My only niggle is the carry strap is a bit narrow and when the sprayer is full it cuts in to my shoulder a bit. I’ll have to dig out an old camera strap to replace the one of the sprayer.


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Plotting the Future, One Plant at a Time

Another section of the allotment is now cleared and I’ve covered it with plastic sheeting to stop weeds. I’m going to have pots/planters on it and just cut out sections of the plastic to get to the soil. The tractor type is going to be planted with a selection of herbs. I’m not sure yet what with go into the other tyres yet.
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Slash and Burn in Easington Colliery

It’s been a busy 6 days up at the allotment for me. I’m making decent progress at clearing parts of the plot that I have. I’ve even now got some plants in the ground. Cabbages, Broccoli, Hyssop and Savory are now in. There is still a mountain of work to do, but I can now see and end, if a long way off.
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The Allotment – Digging for Victory

I now have an allotment, well, not a whole plot, but half a plot.
A friend got an allotment a while ago, mainly just as a place to store stuff, so he has let me have half of it. You can see from the photos below that it needs some work. When I say some, what I really mean is weeks and weeks of back-breaking toil.
I am very happy to have a patch of earth where I can grow crops. So far I’ve been using our backyard. It is not a large space, and every pot I add means less space for our dog to mooch about, so moving some of the plants up to the allotment will be a good thing.
I’ve made a start on the allotment. I’m clearing small patches one at a time, and then plan to plant them. This way I will see results quicker, and not miss an entire growing season, because I’d spent all of my time clearing the entire space.
I hope I’ve got green fingers, and all of my hard work isn’t a waste of time.
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