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Barbour – Mens Land Rover Collection

The other week I received an email from Mat G at Barbour to say that I had won £1000 worth of Barbour clothing, from the Land Rover range.
This is a great win!
I spent a little time browsing the range of items available on the Barbour website, deciding what I wanted, before emailing him back with the details of my choices.
Barbour - Mens Land Rover CollectionJust over a week later a box of goodies arrived at my door. DSC_0004On Sunday we decided to go down to Crimdon Beach with Barley and Porter for a mini photoshoot. It was freezing cold, which made me happy that I had won some warm clothing and not shorts and a t-shirts. Hahaha!
Barbour - Mens Land Rover CollectionI think Porter our rescue Rottweiler was a little miffed that there was not a dog coat included in the win for him. I’m sure Barley our rescue Lurcher would also have liked a nice new coat, but he was too busy eyeballing dogs further along the beach to show his disappointment. The items I chose from the Barbour Land Rover collection included, The Barbour Driving Coat (£599): This is a heavyweight Oban waxed cotton coat with a detachable collar, and jacquard and wool lining. It is now my default winter coat. It is well made, will withstand the elements here in County Durham, and more importantly withstand the dogs lively antics.

Barbour Clearwell Knitted Blazer (£199). IMG_3847

Barbour Richardson Half Zip (£119).
IMG_3846Barbour Land Rover Lambswool Scarf (£44.95).  

The scarf is a very timely result. Previous to winning this Barbour scarf, the scarf I usually wear, which I purchased in Sarajevo, Bosnia is now looking a bit thin and worn, but it has done me proud, and I’m sure my new one will last for a long time too.IMG_3848

Barbour Land Rover Wax Sports Cap (£34.95).DSC_0009We tried our best to get some decent shots of my lovely new clobber, but with two mental dogs and arctic conditions, it wasn’t an easy task. The dogs didn’t want to wait around while the photos were being shot, they wanted to run, and not just for fun but to get warm too. At least I was nice and warm in my new jumper, coat, scarf, and hat – Thank You very much Barbour!

J Barbour & Sons Ltd,
South Shields,
Tyne and Wear,
NE34 9PD

Blog post by Richard Randall

Primark, Sunderland – A Shopping Adventure

On Monday afternoon the postman delivered a nice surprise, an envelope containing 2 Primark gift cards. Happy Days!
I think I won the shopping vouchers via a competition on a Bauer Media site, but there was no comp slip/covering note enclosed with the vouchers, so I’m not a 100% certain.
primark gift cardOn Tuesday morning we, Mrs.R came along too, drove to the nearest Primark, which is about 20 minutes up the road in Sunderland.
We decided to go early to avoid the traffic. I parked in the The Bridges Shopping Centre carpark, so it was only a short walk from the car before I started browsing the rails in Primark.
I had only planned to be in Primark for about 30 minutes, I’m usually a very quick shopper, but £150 goes a really long way in Primark.
Thirty minutes in, and one basket full of clothes, and I’d hardly made a dent in my £150 budget. By the time we’d finished shopping, we had two of their large baskets overflowing with various items, and ended up spending about 90 minutes shopping.
IMG_3282As I shopped I kept a running total of the spend. It was a long process to reach the £150 mark, but eventually I managed to get to the target – £151. Along the way some amazing bargains ended up in the shopping baskets. For example, I got five pairs of navy chinos for for a mere £1 a pair. Yes, you read that correctly – one pound per pair.
My total Primark haul was: 1 jacket, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 t-shirts, pair of sunglasses, a belt, 3 pairs of jeans, 6 pairs of chinos, 2 long sleeve tops, 5 shirts, 2 zip up tops, 1 pair of shorts.

The shopping experience itself was fine, apart from the fact that there were no changing rooms in the mens department, you had to go down the escalator to the floor below. Thankfully everything I took into the changing room fitted me, but if any of the items hadn’t fitted, I wouldn’t have enjoyed having to traipse up and down the escalator multiple times to get smaller/larger sizes.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Mind the GAP

When we arrived back in England a few months ago we only had one set of clothes each. Slowly I’ve been building up a new wardrobe, and one with Winter in mind. Yesterday I added two pairs of corduroy trousers, and two long sleeve tops. All from Gap in Gateshead (TEAM VALLEY OUTLET, Gap Outlet, UNIT 7A2 GATESHEAD, NE11 0BD). Super cheap, and I’m super happy.
Mrs.R on the other hand has not been so lucky in rebuilding her new wardrobe. She didn’t buy any new clothes. I think she still had fun as she waited for me to try on my new gear, because I could hear her laughing outside the changing room. She said she was amused at how things have changed, by which she meant gone are the days of me buying ‘designer’ clothes.
Yep, I used to wear high end fashion, would happily spend hours shopping in Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada, and Paul Smith etc.
I am still interested in fashion, but my budget is not as healthy as it once was, so now I’m a high street shopper. It’s all made in sweatshops anyway, so whatever! 😉
Mrs.R said although she liked my new clobber, and I looked nice in it, I shouldn’t have gone to Gap. To quote Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, she said I should “Be better than The Gap”. 😉
Gap Clothing
By Richard Randall

Geox U Snake S

New shoes for old feet.
We had not been back in England long when I purchased a pair of Geox U Snake S from the Geox shop in Ashford Designer Outlet shopping centre in Kent.
It being springtime, and us staying in a caravan in Romney meant it was never the right weather or conditions to wear them. It was either wet and muddy, or just muddy.
I first introduced my feet to them in Blackpool, and I’ve now been wearing them for about a week.
The ventilation holes in the sole seem to work, because they still smell fresh, even after my skanky feet have been in them.
They are also super comfy for urban adventures, but they are not suited for sport or rough terrain, which are two reason they suit me. 🙂