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iPad ‘Other’ Data Space

The ‘Other’ data space on my iPad as been a weird issue from day one. It goes up and down. Yesterday it went up to 9.77GG on my 16GB iPad. I read a lot of suggestions on various Apple Mac forums. I looked at data ‘Other’ usage for my Apps, but could not get a tally near 9.77GB.
The only advice I found online that worked was to ‘Restore Back-Up’. It was a very recent back-up. In fact just minutes old. It worked to a acceptable level. My ‘Other’ data went down to 1.01GB.
The only reason I can think off the my ‘OTHER’ data is the fact that I watch a lot off movies on my iPad and when I no longer want them I delete them from iTunes before I sync it with my iPad.
I’ve no idea why it still rocks in at 1GB but then Instagram seems to be using 250MB of of ‘OTHER’ storage.ipadscreen The only solution to the ‘OTHER’ 1GB would be the do a full restore and then re-add all the apps. This is not something that I’m going to bother with at this time. I’ll wait and see if the ‘OTHER’ date usage creeps up even with a ‘Restore Back-Up’ from time to time.

New iPad3 and iPhone5

It’s now been nearly a month since I rekitted myself and Mrs.R out with some fresh Apples.

The new iPad3.
I can’t really see any real improvement over the last model which we have.
O.K. so the screen is a little sharper, but that is about it. It is also heavier than our old iPad. Battery life seems a little better, but that could be because I use the new iPad differently, and in much cooler conditions now we’re no longer travelling and back in Blighty.

The new iPhone5.
It is a lot lighter than my old iPhone4, and the camera is much better, but there is still the same problem with flash photography in very low light. Photos look foggy.
My main criticism is the battery life. It runs out much faster than my iPhone4 and takes longer to recharge.

These little niggles aside, I’m still an apple fan – well, apples are important for a healthy balanced life. 🙂

Iphone 5 and iPad 3

Western Digital 500Gb portable hard drive

I'm in a major need of backing up all of the photos on my MacBook. With that in mind I purchased Western Digital 500Gb portable hard drive. A 500gb portable hard drive should keep me going for a while. The price of hard drive was o.k. for a shop purchase at £45 and the only point of note was the fact that I had to reformat it for Mac. A simple task but one to be aware of when plugging it in for the first time.