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Scrumpty Dumpty Cider produced by Staffordshire Brewery for Cottage Delight

This scrumpy cider from Cottage Delight and is produced by the Staffordshire Brewery. It is light and refreshing with a nice effervescence on the tongue. On the palate you get sour apples and oaky notes with earthy undertones.  Not a bad scrumpy cider and I could see myself quaffing a good few of these if I had them to hand. Unfortunately I only had one bottle.

Scrumpty Dumpty

Blog post by Richard Randall

Westons Scrumpy Cloudy Cider

One of the thing I missed a great deal during our 2 years of travelling the World (Our travel adventures) was a decent glass of cold cider. Now that I’m back in the U.K. I’m making u for lost time.
Westons Srumpy CIder

H Weston & Sons Ltd
The Bounds Much Marcle, Ledbury
Herefordshire HR8 2NQ UK

Hessischer Apfelwein

I was a very happy chappy when I visited the Aldi supermarket in Koblenz. On the shelf I spotted a bottle of Apfelwien, or in English, cider.
During the last 18 months of traveling cider has not been easy to find. Now and then I’ve come across Strongbow for sale, but it is always overpriced and these days it is over sweet.
This cider on the other hand was clean, clear and slightly tart. While it may not win any awards it was a decent drink.
Produced by: C.A. Warren GmhH, Essen

Henry Westons Cider

Summer may be a distant memory but I can still find time for a cold pint of cider. My luck was in the other day while shopping in Lidl, because they had Henry Westons Cider for sale. Happy Days, that could only have been better if it had been the Vintage Henry Westons Cider.
Westons Cider

By Richard Randall