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Caño Toro Alta Expression

The Caño Toro Alta Expression is a fruity little number I picked up at my local Lidl Supermarket. It cost £7 from my local Lidl in Peterlee.
On the nose there are some nice red fruit and woody notes. On the palate and notes of vanilla and chocolate with a little herbage in the background. There is a nice long smooth mellow finish.

Caño Toro Alta Expression

Blog post by Richard Randall

Chateau Malescasse 2009, Cru Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc

This wine is a ‘blast from the past for me. Many many years ago when Mrs. R and I first started going out with each other, we used to have dinner a couple of nights a week at a bistro called Grumbles in Pimlico, London and Chateau Malescasse was our ‘go to’ wine’.
It was a very pleasant surprise when I spotted it in Lild the other day for just over £10 a bottle. It was not a bad tipple. Everything you would expect from Medoc in this price range. Most importantly it brought back fond memories.

Château Malescasse – 6, route Moulin Rose – 33460 LAMARQUE
Tél. 05 56 58 90 09 – Fax. 05 56 58 97 89

Chateau Venus Graves 2011 from Lidl

Chateau Venus 2011 (CHATEAU VENUS, 3, Pertigues – Brouquet
33720 Illats – France) is a young and sprightly wine from Graves, Bordeaux. It is Merlot lead so gives a lot of plum on the palate with a slight tart back taste from the tannins. There is a little flora on the nose but not much given its age. It is not a tradition Graves wine, so it is better suited to lighter foods. At about £8 a bottle from Lidl is is not bad value but could do with being cellared for a couple of years to help build in a little depth.
Chateau Venus, Graves

Blog post by Richard Randall

Online Wine Reviews

In the dark and distant past, I used to write wine reviews. Both for my blog and for other sites. These days I’m in a ‘Plonk’ wine rut and these cheap (£5 or under) wines, just taste and smell like ‘wine’. Most can not distinguished from one and other.
I think there must be a secret laboratory buried deep in some mountain and the scientists have come up with a recipe for wine that does not offend any palate. It is just bland. Of the countless supermarket ‘plonk’ wines I’ve supped of late, the only ones I could distinguish, where ones from Rioja, Spain.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Rioja, a Winter Warmer Wine

Now that Winter is here, I’m cooking more hearty foods and find budget Rioja the perfect wine. They are packed full of flavour and are robust, so can be served with winter warming hearty food.
To get a French or Italian wine with the same bang, would mean spending a great deal more money. Money saved per bottle, means more bottles 🙂
RiojaWine CorksWine CorksRioja

Blog post by Richard Randall